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Hi ji,
Lets all pray together that Simran finishes off her paper within 2 days!!!!! Oh, how I wish they showed more romance b/w Jai and Krishna after shaadi....
Krishna comes into her room, and finds Jai working on something. Krishna stammers that she needs to tell Jai something, and she knows it will be hard for him to trust it as something true. Jai says has it ever happened that he ever doubted her truth ever. Krishna says that what hasn't happened in the past can happen now ji. She tells Jai to not interfere when she is going to talk, and to just please listen to her. She says today she has found out an ajeeb truth, and she tells him everything in mute. Jai gets up gusse se after listening to Krishna, and tells Krishna what is she saying. He says even if God comes tells him that Rasila is wrong, he'll not take His word for it either. Jai says that how can Krishna fabricate such a thing, and Krishna says no it's true. Jai says no!
 He says Rasila has sacrificed a lot for them, and to take their example. He says Rasila got him married to Krishna, she chose him over her own son. Krishna says that behind this, there may have been a reason also. Jai tells her to chup it, and that Krishna should never say any such thing to him again! Jai runs out of the room, and Rasila and Jyotika are there listening to their convo. Rasila sighs and says ke bach gaye, and Jyotika says for now, but Krishna won't give up that easily ji. Jyotika leaves, and Rasila follows her. Krishna flops on a sofa and thinks what she should do. She asks herself if she should tell Jai's parents, but rules against that. She says they are more naive than Jai, and that they would never believe it. Then she says she will have to do something herself.
Yashodha comes into the hall with Sushila huffing and puffing to where Bhallu and Dadaji are sitting. She taunts Dadaji about Prateek marrying Hetal, and Bhallu repeating every last word(s) she says.She asks him why he let Prateek come here, and Krishna is a child and new, so how could Dadaji eazily listen to her. Yashodha says that Dadaji ki akal ghaas khane gayi thi, and when Bhallu goes to repeat that, Sushila puts up her finger ke shhhh lol. She asks Dadaji if he has forgotten whatever those people said about Hetal, and Prateek is not right for Hetal. Dadaji says he yaads, but he also sees his bachchi's sadness etc. He says that if this rishta brings khushi to Hetal then why not. He says if it doen't work out then do w/e.
Yashodha tells Sushila that her FIL has gone senile. She tells Sushila to say something ke Dadaji is wrong. Sushila says that Yashodha is right, and even Rasila does not want to this rishta to happen. However, if Prateek meeting Hetal brought her khushi then it's ok too. Dadaji smiles, and Yashodha is like uff and tells Sushila to go and think what she wants to say first. Sushila leaves, and Bhallu is like shall I say something, but Yashodha says NO. She says whatever needs to be done, will be done by her now, and she will call Prateek and tell him ke this rishta won't happen. Dadaji comes in front of her 2x, and says no she will do no such thing. He tells her to leave, and Yashodha is like fine, do w/e you want. Yashodha says she will never come here when she is called for, and Dadaji says like we need to invite her ever. Yashodha says she won't, and Dadaji says phele goooooo. Yashodha leaves in a puff!
Night time, and Hetal has a bed on the ground beside Dadaji's bed. Dadaji is reading his book, and she's lying down trying real hard to not cry. However, she lets out a sigh of tears, and Dadaji hears this. He asks her if she has not slept yet, and Hetal wipes her tears before she turns to him, and says she was just about to drift off ji. Dadaji then prays in his mun to Him ke don't give his bachchi so much dukh that she can't even share it with him. He says he will look for a solution, and that kal hi he will talk to everyone regarding this matter.
Ok, so everyone but Baabli is gathered in the hall. Mansukh asks Dadaji why he called sab, and Dadaji says that everyone knows ke Prateek had come to meet Hetal. Everyone says that ab whats there to think about, and Jai says it's better if they forget this. Bhallu says by forgetting he yaaded ke if they love each other now, they must have loved each other before too. He says then what happened that led to the rishta being broken. Rasila, Mansukhh, and Jyotika are shufting in their seats ji. Sushila says that Prateek & Co put false accusations on Hetal, and Dadaji says we need to find out how that happened; more shifting from the 2 evils. Krishna is about to say kuch, but Jai  goes to her and whispers her not to say anything that will effect the unity of the house. Krishna says that there needs to be unity in the hearts first, and she only wants Hetal to be happy.
Jyotika then pipes up ke everyone can blame her b/c she was the one with the foretelling. Dadaji says no na, and she was only trying to help Hetal. Rasila says yes, and that if Sarita mistook this then it is not their fault. Krishna then asks Dadaji if she can say kuch, and the 2 evils are shifty as ever. She says they just need to yaad one thing, and that is Hetal will only be happy with Prateek. Dadaji seems to agree, and Krishna asks baaki sab what they think. Then she turns to Rasila, and asks what she thinks, thus trapping her lol. Krishna says Rasila wants Hetal ki khushi na, and Rasila meekly says yes. Then she says ke if everyone wants to forget then she will too. Jai is looking at Krishna, and Mansukh says but....Rasila tells him to chup and that Hetal ki khushi is important.
Dadaji then says ok great, and goes to call Sarita. He talks to her, who is cold to him. He says they should get together and think again for their kids sake. Prateek is beside her, and she agrees for his sake to meet them in the afternoon one last time to clear the misunderstandings. Dadaji tells his family Sarita agreed, and that they should make the best food. He says they will win her over! Before leaving, Krishna has a eye session with Rasila. Mansukh & Co are there and he says what are they going to do. Kaivalya says when their kismat is bad, then what are they to do ji. Rasila tells them to chup it, and to leave her alone to think. The men leave, and Jyotika is very worried that Krishna will tell sab kuch.
Rasila says no one will believe her, and leaves Jyotika alone. She says what if they do believe Krishna, and her raaj will come to an end. Furthermore she will not carry any respect in the family's eyes. She thinks of what to do, and thinks of Hetal. With Hetal is Krishna, and Jyotika is by the door. Krishna tells Hetal to stop being upset, and not think why they did what they did to her. Jyotika thinks that Krishna told Hetal about them. Hetal says phir bhi, she wants to know whay she ever did to them. Krishna says so what, and Hetal's love is true na. Jyotika comes in and starts saying ke don't believe Krishna, and that whatever she says is wrong ji. Jyotika says that they only want Hetal's khushi, and that's why Rasila got her Prateek's rishta. Hetal is very confused, and Krishna rolls her eyes, while Jyotika bak baks on lol. Rasila comes there and goes Oh God. Jyotika continues how they only wanted Hetal's khushi.
Tomorrow is the last episodešŸ˜­. So if it is the last episode ever, lets hope it goes with a bang!
Take care ji,


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Thank You.
Whyare they finishing this show.. its good... was loving it.. arrgh star plus
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B/c Star Plus is stupid! They only like shows that have maha rona dhona in it, uff
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simranji i am goin to miss ur updates and i agree wat u told abt sp ji