Farewell Main Teri Parchhain Hoon!

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Posted: 15 years ago

Hello Members,

Yes, our favorite show Main Teri Parchhain Hoon has come to an end, and the last episode sure left most of us in tears. The last and final episode aired on February 12th, 2009 and the show has completed more than a year. I know many of us are definitely going to miss this show, and it really is going to be strange not watching MTPH every Mon-Thurs!

In this farewell post, feel free to post all your feelings on the show ending, your farewell gifts/messages to the cast, post your favorite memories/scenes, and anything else regarding the close of the show. To bid the show farewell, I have made a special sig, so feel free to use it😳 Also, if anyone else wants to make farewell sigs, pls dont hesitate to do so! Do post them in your replies.

Also, incase anyone has missed the show somewhere in the beginning or middle, do check the 'Main Teri Parchhain Hoon ki Kahani'. It has the entire story, from beginning to the end. 
Thanks to sonyfan28 and Shazia for their help providing written/video updates! And thanks Shaz for being such a gem to work with😳 Cheers and keep smiling!

MTPH Dev Team

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Posted: 15 years ago
Gonna miss this show like crazy dis is da only show dat i am really into i'm really dissapointed dat its ended, da way da relationship between a husband and a wife was potrayed on this show was really well done i'v never seen anything like it before it was so unique and so realistic. The show has really touched my heart the actors played there characters very well wish them all luck for the future and i hope to see sameer and megha back together again on another show it would really make my day goona miss them loads
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Posted: 15 years ago
Yes we all miss the show very much. I wish the mtph team all the best.
Sameer should beat all the ronit roy types and become number one tv star..That is my wish and dua for him.
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Posted: 15 years ago
Gonna miss very muchhh this showww :(
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Posted: 15 years ago
when i think of main teri parchhain hoon,
i cant put those mixed emotions in words i always have...
its excitement, love, curiosity, hate,sadness and a mix of hundred other emotions.
I will never forget the first episode i watched and i want to forget that i watched the last episode of my dear show!
After getting a reply from Rajshri that they want to continue the show for loooong, i started creating big hopes....
But after reading several articles that mtph is ending, my tv-world fell down...i had no more interest to watch mtph because i knew that with eaaach single episode i will miss Sanchal, the kids, Dheeraj and Hariman, Mamaji and Mamiji, Mannu, Rama and Ravikanth, Jayas memories, Chanchal and Lalitha,Shambabu and most importantly  Imli only more!!!!!
But i knew that the day would come anyways....
Scenes and Episodes i will never forget will always follow me...
Those will be...
-The first time Sanchal met
-Sanchal leave for Dehu Road
-Parentsday Function with the fall!!!!
-Aanchal recieves Shagun ki Saari, and tells Sid the truth-> Sid is not angry
-When she shys away when Sid tells her to get married
-When she puts her head on Sids shoulder to cry
-The time when Aanchal tells Sid to make her his kids mother (in other words to marry her)
-When goons where behind Aanchal and Sid saves her!!!!
-The night Aanchal spent at Lakshmi Nivas
-The House doesnt want to let Aanchal go
-Sid proposes to Aanchal!(even though it could have been more romantic :))
-The engagement
-The Wedding!
-The Suhaag Raath
-The time Aanchal eats something from Sids hand and vise versa
-The dream---->very romantic
and after that JUST EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If i had a chance to meet the whole cast i would thank them personally for making my time worth watching mtph!
esp. Megha and Sameer!
I love and miss Mtph very much and i still hope that this was not the end!!
I also want to thank Kruthi and sonyfan and shazia for all the work they put in to have a nice discussion and fun-filled time at if!
Last but def. not least i would like to thank Hema, Jen, Lav, garson and each one of you for making our time sooo worth at IF!
And of course myself! thanks nilo! :)

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Posted: 15 years ago
   I can't believe it ended!!! It's a shock for me especially because I hadn't been able to catch up on episodes or the forum for a couple of weeks. I knew it was scheduled to end sometime in February, but didn't realize it would be so soon!! 😭  Now I'm catching up on youtube with the episodes. I feel bad I missed out on all the posts when it aired and when all this happened.
   I truly feel that this show was unique for the most part. I hope that  when execs see the positive responses garnered for this show, that it will help inspire future film and television makers for more positive programming, and not all blood and violence. And finally, thanks to all of you for your lovely and inspired posts!!! It's been a friendship formed across the globe!!!
Priya <:-)