Magadheera Ongoing

Chapter 4

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taahir004 3 months ago Fabulous Chapter . Virat is so confused though its very interesting . Virat says even if Maanvi is not beautiful he will still love her and I think that is so beautiful and a pledge and a promise for life too
Vampire2468 3 months ago Beautiful update😍😍Rana seems dangerous😨Gif is so cute😘Precap is superb💖Update soon, can't wait😙
jasminerahul 3 months ago virat's confusion is interesting.he doesn't know that he is getting attracted towards his Jacqueline bcz she is his manvi.but sad that he thinks that jacquiline is manvi.loved virat telling that even if manvi is not beautiful he will love her.shocking that viren's mom killed his grand father so viren's statement made the court punish her n so she ended her life.but why did she kill dadaji?surprising that viren's sister is manvi.good that they are doubting whether manvi is his sister.I hope they won't mistake jacquiline as viren's sister.virika kitchen scene was romantic.rana was so cruel to that man.sad.perfect pics
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