Together We Are Timeless

Together We Are Timeless Completed

Chapter 1

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ErisedWitch45 1 years ago Wow! Your writing is simply magical. I could quote so many parts that so beautifully explained the scene - egthe flow of your writing kept me hooked. It's that beautiful.(And thanks for your kind words on my fic. :) )
nn027 1 years ago Excelent, Madi I'm waiting for the next sequel.nn0272019-01-13 02:35:43
Avyakta 1 years ago The pleading Krishna and the longing Radha, with your beautiful way of description, you just presented them in front of your reader's eyes! An excellent conversation between Radha and Krishna with a sublime philosophical meaning!
riya_ss9 1 years ago Ok Madi, without wasting time , where is another chapter? You know Patience is not in my dictionary.And my above reaction described about your writing. Come on girl...hurry.
sagarika01 1 years ago I know your caliber, waiting to read the next part. I always love your lyrical style of writing.
MaDiee 1 years ago Hey congratulations!This is so beautiful and Devine! Your writing is amazing... Its like the time was recreated... Super cool!Splendid work.Do continue soon...All the best!
KrishnaPriyaa 1 years ago Reserved.
vibraj 1 years ago Wow Madi, simply adore this.I am a big fan of your writings and always believe you have a savant's vision! Loved this teaser, so beautifully written and expressed. The imagery, words, narrative combine to form an exquisite whole, cannot wait for the entire story!
ShiriFictionPen 1 years ago It's so beautiful!I am waiting for the next update
Viswasruti 1 years ago Chapter 1- His Quest For Her Acceptance."All of a sudden, why you want to marry me, Krishna?" With a perky smile, she had asked him!------- ***************She was walking along the river's winding bank all alone, in anticipation...!--- Chapter 1 on Page--2 -- Viswasruti2019-01-28 01:53:39
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