Entangled Completed

Broken knot

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arisharosid20 1 months ago So emotional part love it update soon
SREEJAROSID 1 months ago Emotional update yaar eagerly waiting for the next update jaldhi update na hope sid won't take drastic move
Shivi72 1 months ago Such an emotional update... when Sid realized that he wants Roli then why is Roli trying to go away ... now what will Sid do... update next soon
jasminerahul 1 months ago can't roli understand after the intimacy that Sid wants to be with her n not with Natasha? still behaving like this is so stupid.roli herself feels that she betrayed Natasha bcz of the physical intimacy .then after the so called betrayal why is she breaking the mangalsutra to leave Sid for Natasha?that will be the biggest betrayal to Natasha. right? can't roli see how much upset Sid is?then how can she even think that this separation will do good for Sid?
Soujanya_ROSID 1 months ago Emotional update... Eagerly waiting for next update...
Depurosid 1 months ago Plz some one give me a gun i want to kill Nat 😠😑😑😠😠stupid girl destroying rosid life 😭😭😒😒plzzz reunite rosid now what sid gonna do update soon
anuranganadham 1 months ago Loved it dear. Eagrly waiting for ur next update. Please update ASAP
Confused_Soul 1 months ago How about the chapter title "Broken Knot"? Coz roli gave away the mangalsutra πŸ˜‚ okay jokes apart. Coming to the update, again an emotional one. Roli should have waited until sid woke up but she was devastated seeing her own condition. What will happen next. Update soon.
ratchuchinu 1 months ago Again this stupid creature natasha ruined rosid life uff 😈😈😈 roli don't think about that nat it's ur life girl and ur sid don't leave them !!! ❀️ Hope everything will be alright soon waiting for rosid reunion !!😍😍 Update next part soon as possible waiting darling πŸ˜‰
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