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himani_692 1 months ago Omg what happened to roli can't wait for next update soon loved the updates roli's weird dish game was so funny poor sid damn he kissed her in front of the family 🙈🙈 rosid scenes were so cute and adorable loved them adi loves nat hope she & sid realise that they don't love each other let's see waiting for next eagerly update soon 😍😍💕💕
Arzena 1 months ago What happened to roli 🙁☹️ waiting hope she is fine
ratchuchinu 1 months ago Omg what happened rey 😳😳 again new twist ah uff !!! update soon machii 😈😈😈
arisharosid20 1 months ago Oh god di update soon please
Soujanya_ROSID 1 months ago Oh my god... What happen to roli... Eagerly waiting for next update...
Paaruuzz 1 months ago Pls update soon!!!!!! Can't wait to know what happened .......
sumsukor 1 months ago Oh no oops. Whataaa twist but I know you will take care of Roli... But sure heart wrenching.. Please update soon
Shivi72 1 months ago Now what is this.. what happened to Roli give the update not teaser.. give soon
SREEJAROSID 1 months ago Eagerly waiting for the update and y u gave teaser instead of update yaar update it jaldhi loved it
Confused_Soul 1 months ago What is this now👿 poor roli might have got to know about contract ☹️ hope she will be strong. Can't wait to read though I know it will be heartbreaking 💔
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