Is This Love?

Is This Love? Ongoing

Published On: 2021-07-13T04:05:50Z

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Gourav along with his three friends namely Aditya,Yash and Nishant are known as "The F4" group in St. Xavier College.They are the most popular,rich and notorious bulies of the college. Gourav Malhotra is the heir of one of the most influential people of India.He is arrogant and insensitive. Aditya Singhania also belongs to a rich family and a rather quiet guy. Yash Kapoor is the most handsome among the four.He is playful and cheerful. Nishant Mittal is elegant and classy.Also a playboy. On the other hand Aarya who is poor but witty, miserable but happy and a real fighter.She passed the scholarship exam to take admission in the best college of India.But finds herself in amidst a face off against the F4. Lets follow this journey of love, friendship, youth, self love and realization.
Author's Note:
This is based on "Boys over flowers" and it is more of a desi version.I really wanted to write something like this.This is my first Fan Fiction.Hope you like it.If there are any mistakes please do let me know in the comments.Also as English is not my first language i apologize for any grammatical mistakes.Thank You.

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