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Published On: 2021-07-13T17:36:05Z

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Recovering from the aftermath of another trauma, Arnav finds himself being unable to remember close to two years of his life, and the presence of a pregnant wife and an adopted child. Set after three months of the show's end, Footprints on Sand narrates a tale of rediscovering oneself all over again. The love that claims to be so strong, is it ready to endure the hardships of nature once again? Reflecting through a new lens, the journey of Arnav, Khushi, and the Raizada family continues with everyday moments leaving the biggest of the impacts. The characters closely follow from the show.
Author's Note:
Footprints on Sand was a fanfic based off of IPKKND which I started on IF on July 15th, 2013. However, due to certain reasons I ended up taking off the prologue and five chapters posted in a span of three months off of IF and had the thread deleted. In the past seven+ years, I hadn't forgotten about FOS and its audience at the time of posting it. It's been one of the closest fanfics to my heart however it has taken almost these many years for me to be able to come back and repost these. I had intended to fully post FOS on my blog however after logging into my account, I found out that some chapters have not been restored properly. As of now, despite having written the first five chapters, I no longer have access to those chapters therefore besides the prologue, everything will be rewritten, not reposted. If you've had the distinct pleasure of being able to read FOS when it was on IF, and remember the details present at that time; I hope you're able to accept the re-narration of this piece.
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