RIDDLES ; a game just for fun

RIDDLES ; a game just for fun Ongoing

Published On: 2021-05-22T09:42:09Z

eye 1772 star 10 book 4

" solve the riddles , save the life " this was the phrase which was ringing into each pair of the ears of Indian police since few months because of a serial killer or can say a psycho killer who seems to be so fond of getting attention from everyone and to be called genius as whole ... He used to call himself as Snappy and has challenged the Crime Branch of whole country to solve out the riddles given by him to find out the next target and save them to reach him ... Roli and Siddhant was also roped in this game as an expertise in their particular department ... Now let's see if Snappy will be able to overcome Rosid or Rosid will be able to solve every riddles and save each and every people without any failure....
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oye_nakhrewaali oye_nakhrewaali

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