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YRKKH: Muskaan pushes Abhimanyu on the floor after he is asked to operate on Abhinav

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai tonight, Muskaan will be seen pushing Abhimanyu on the floor after seeing her brother's condition.

Published: Tuesday,Aug 08, 2023 07:24 AM GMT-06:00
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Harshad Chopda and Jay Soni

The episode commences with a conversation between Abhinav and Abhi. Reflecting on his life, Abhinav shares a profound realization that life's unpredictability often grants us everything when we believe we possess nothing. Amid laughter and light-hearted banter, Abhir and Ruhi tend to their children, playfully urging them to hurry up before their father returns. With a sense of contentment, Abhinav acknowledges his happiness, anticipating his forthcoming reunion with his parents in Kasauli.

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Abhinav expresses gratitude for unexpected blessings, including his wife and cherished child, and muses on the transformation from a bachelor to a devoted family man, surrounded by love and affection from those who celebrate him. Addressing Abhi as his closest friend, he fondly remembers the enduring support Abhi has offered him, emphasizing the distinctive and invaluable nature of their friendship. Despite Abhi's self-doubt as a father, Abhinav assures him of his profound parenting qualities, evoking a heightened sense of joy within himself. As a glass of drink accidentally spills, Abhi readily offers his own glass in a gesture of camaraderie.

Suwarna urges Manish to call Abhinav as they prepare for a gathering. Akshu enters the scene, radiating happiness, drawing admiring comments from everyone. Playful banter ensues, suggesting that Abhinav will be deeply impressed by Akshu's appearance. Akshu reassures her father, Manish, assuring him of her well-being and focusing on the upcoming celebratory party. The family sets out to locate Abhinav as he seems unreachable, with growing concerns within the group. Despite the apprehension, Akshu remains optimistic, foreseeing the start of a positive chapter in their lives. However, their worries escalate when both Abhinav and Abhi are unresponsive over the phone.

In a separate instance, Abhinav's musings center around his beloved family, evoking strong emotions. These thoughts, however, are abruptly disrupted as he finds himself at the edge of a precipice, his actions seemingly hinting at an accidental fall. Simultaneously, various members of the family embark on a journey to find Abhinav. The tension and suspense build as the family members' journeys converge, with a sense of urgency and concern for Abhinav's safety.

Abhi's presence proves crucial as he rushes to save Abhinav from the precarious position, ultimately managing to pull him to safety. Nevertheless, Abhinav sustains injuries from the fall. Amidst these chaotic events, Akshu arrives at the scene and is stricken with panic upon witnessing Abhinav's condition. She pleads with him to wake up, revealing the depth of her emotional attachment to him. Abhi, alongside other family members, rushes Abhinav to the hospital as they grapple with the gravity of the situation.

At the hospital, doctors attend to Abhinav's critical condition, while Akshu, overwhelmed by worry, requires Abhi's support. A sense of desperation and apprehension hangs in the air as the family contends with the impending uncertainty. 

Precap: The doctors indicate the seriousness of Abhinav's condition, leading to a shocking act by Muskaan as she pushes Abhi down on the floor. 

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