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YRKKH: Dadi and Neela clash over Kairav and Muskaan's wedding, Akshara fears of Abhir knowing about Abhimanyu

In the upcoming episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai tonight, the audience will see Goenkas and Sharmas prepare for the upcoming wedding of Kairav and Muskaan, amidst all of this quite some twists and turns await.

Published: Thursday,Jun 08, 2023 06:47 AM GMT-06:00
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Pranali Rathod

The episode commences with Abhir requesting Akshu to give him some kheer, mentioning that the doctor allows him to have it. In response, Akshu questions his well-being and whether he is troubled by the truth. Abhir assures her that he knows she will reveal everything when he grows up. Grateful for his understanding, Akshu decides to inform Abhinav about it after Kairav's marriage. Kairav and Muskaan have a fun time taking selfies, with Muskaan getting shy and Kairav cracking jokes. Ruhi informs everyone that Kairav is at Abhir's house. 

Aarohi is taken aback and checks the picture, wondering why Kairav is there. Soon, she receives a message from Kairav, stating that Muskaan and he are getting married and they want everyone to come to Kasauli. Ruhi expresses her excitement and asks when they are leaving. Meanwhile, Aarohi notices Manjiri at the door.

Suwarna informs the others that Akshu will join them online soon. Manish suggests asking the priest for two auspicious wedding dates and choosing one. Dadi speaks to Suwarna, expressing that this marriage is special and it might be the last one she witnesses. Manish adds that she will also witness Ruhi and Abhir's marriages. Surekha comments that Dadi won't be able to see Aarohi's marriage. Neela hands over some money to Abhinav, who reassures her that he is there for her. Neela expresses her wish to conduct the marriage according to Muskaan's desires. Akshu suggests asking Muskaan about the type of marriage she wants. 

Muskaan hesitates but eventually says she wants Kairav's input. Abhir playfully insists that Kairav should speak up, and Kairav responds by saying that the wedding is important to him, regardless of whether it takes place at home or in a hotel. He defers to Muskaan's choice. Muskaan shares her modest dream of having a small function with family and friends. Akshu asks Neela and Abhinav to prepare the guest list. Kairav affectionately kisses Muskaan on the cheek and jokes about not being able to have romance within the family. Muskaan leaves, and Kairav notices Akshu and Abhir teasing him, causing Muskaan to become shy, and they all laugh together.

Later, everyone engages in a video call discussing their upcoming meeting with Abhir. Suwarna shares details about the auspicious dates, while Abhinav suggests finalising the date after seven days, which pleases Akshu. Surekha adds a playful remark, which is interrupted by Dadi, who urges them to enjoy sweets and proposes that everyone come to Udaipur for the wedding. She suggests following the Rajasthani tradition for Kairav and Muskaan's marriage. 

Manish says they can accommodate their preferences. Abhinav mentions that Neela wanted a simple wedding, but Dadi insists on a grand celebration, considering it her last wish. Neela expresses her desire to have Muskaan's bidai (bride's farewell) from her home. Dadi requests them to agree, emphasising that it is her heartfelt wish. Abhinav lightens the mood with a joke and promises to make the best arrangements. Surekha mocks him about his financial status, upsetting Akshu. Muskaan intervenes, expressing her longing to have her marriage at Neela and Abhinav's home, as they have raised her amidst difficulties. Suwarna explains their concern about the burden on Neela and Abhi.

Suwarna acknowledges that Muskaan has the right to express her opinion, but their concern was about the burden on Neela and Abhinav due to the long guest list. Kairav assures them that he will handle everything by hiring a wedding planner. Surekha mocks him, but Aarohi defends Kairav and requests Surekha to refrain from speaking nonsense. Aarohi mentions the difficulty of organizing the wedding in Kasauli. Neela expresses her desire to have her daughter's bidai from their own home. Manish goes offline, causing Neela to worry. Akshu and Abhi clarify that it was a mistaken disconnection. Neela's mother remarks that the girl's family always has to compromise. Akshu reassures her, recalling similar incidents during their own marriage, despite being in the same city. Aarohi observes the situation.


Abhir informs everyone that Dida (grandmother) is coming. Akshu speculates that Manjiri might reveal the truth to Abhir.

Harshad Chopda Jay Soni Pranali Rathod Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 

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