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YRKKH: Abhir asks for Abhimanyu’s help to look for his father, decides to visit the hospital

In tonight’s episode of Star Plus’ show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Abhir will decide to look for his father and will also decide to go the hospital for the same.

Published: Tuesday,May 30, 2023 05:09 AM GMT-06:00
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Harshad Chopda

In today's episode of the popular show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH), the story unfolds with an interesting conversation between Surekha, Manish, and Akshara. Surekha proposes the idea of getting Kairav married, which leads to a sarcastic remark from Manish, implying that marriage alone won't make Kairav intelligent. However, Suhasini intervenes, stating that deep down, Manish desires companionship for Kairav to add meaning and joy to his life. Meanwhile, Akshara raises the topic of Muskaan as a potential match for Kairav, but Manish expresses concern about hurting Muskaan and Neelam Amma's sentiments by broaching the sensitive subject.

At this moment, Kairav himself declares that he has no intention of getting married. Akshara engages in a discussion with Kairav, urging him not to let one negative experience dictate his entire life. Suhasini adds that Kairav should provide them with a reason for losing faith in the institution of marriage.

Meanwhile, Abheer finds solace in revisiting his childhood album, contemplating the fact that Abhinav may not be his biological father despite being there for him since day one. Abhimanyu notices Abheer engrossed in the album late at night and questions his actions. Abheer discloses his confusion regarding Ruhi's relationship with Abhimanyu and wonders why he is now marrying Aarohi when he has been Ruhi's "poppy" (father figure) all along. Abhimanyu clarifies that he is not Ruhi's father but her deceased father's brother. Abheer further inquires if Ruhi knows that her father has become a star, to which Abhimanyu confirms. Abheer feels saddened by the fact that Ruhi is aware of her father's identity while he remains oblivious. Observing Abheer's unusual silence, Abhimanyu expresses concern, wondering if something other than their project is troubling him.

The next morning, Abhimanyu prepares a healthy dish of Upma, advising Abhinav to opt for it instead of the unhealthy Bread Jam. This leads to an argument between Akshara and Abhimanyu regarding their breakfast choices, prompting Abhinav to intervene and request them to stop as it might upset Abheer further. 

Surprisingly, Abhinav discovers Abheer getting ready on his own, which surprises him. As Abhinav assists Abheer with his dressing, Abheer compares himself to Abhinav in the mirror and concludes that they do not resemble each other at all. At the breakfast table, Abhimanyu contemplates sharing Abheer's previous night's behavior with Akshara but decides against it. Despite their attempts to cheer him up, Abheer remains upset and withdrawn.

Later, Abheer confides in Ruhi, sharing his dilemma and urging her to keep it a secret. Learning that Abhinav is not Abheer's biological father, Ruhi tries to console him, mentioning that she, too, does not have a father as he has become a star. However, she assures him that he is not alone as he has Akshara, Abhinav, and "Poppy" (Abhimanyu) by his side. Nevertheless, Abheer expresses his frustration at not even knowing his father's name. Ruhi suggests calling the hospital, as Aarohi had told her that hospitals have information about babies. 

Intrigued by Ruhi's suggestion, Abheer embraces the idea and assures her that he will definitely contact the hospital for information. In that moment, Akshara approaches them, inquiring about her phone, and Abheer seizes the opportunity to question her about the undisclosed details regarding his family. Perplexed, Akshara explains that knowledge unfolds gradually over time and with maturity. Later, Abheer borrows Abhimanyu's phone to dial the hospital, utilizing the album as a reference, which piques Abhimanyu's curiosity. However, despite his attempts, Abheer fails to connect with anyone through the answering machine, prompting him to make the decision to visit the hospital in person.

Harshad Chopda Jay Soni Pranali Rathod Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 

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