Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Dadi sa slaps Charu, Abhira stands by her

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update, 29th February, 2024: Dadi sa will slap Charu upon learning of her internship.

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Samridhii Shukla and Anita Raaj.
Samridhii Shukla and Anita Raaj. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

The episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai tonight starts with Armaan attempting to explain a movie guessing game, but nobody seems to be getting it.

The Poddars play a game:

 Abhira chimes in, suggesting that Armaan is making the game too difficult. Manisha makes a joke about Manoj's team, and they all share a laugh. Ruhi encourages Armaan to give it another shot, but he admits defeat, saying he can't figure it out. Ruhi playfully scolds him, saying she was by his side and he should have kept trying. Surekha then suggests to Vikas that he should raise his head, indicating she's going to apply blush to make him look convincingly ill. Manish adds to the fun by suggesting Vikas wear a monkey cap to complete the look, joking that he'll resemble a monkey. Vikas instructs Manish to call Manav but tells him not to bring up marriage, just to inform Manav that he's not feeling well. Suwarna questions the approach, but Vikas explains that children only respond quickly in emergencies. Manish dials Manav's number, but he doesn't pick up as Dadi is already on the line.

Dadisa slaps Charu:

In another setting, Dadi notices Charu and Dev conversing. Dev mentions that Charu forgot her bag in the car, apologizing for not realizing her difficult situation earlier and offering some advice. Kajal enters and announces that their team has won. Dadi, however, counters, indicating that Kajal's team lost and reveals Charu's presence. Charu expresses her gratitude for Dev's advice, stating her desire to make her family proud without hurting them. Dev assures her of his pride in her and advises her to leave before her grandmother arrives to scold her. Charu, elated, dances with joy as Abhira smiles at her. Dadi then questions Charu about bringing samosas from college, to which Charu responds that she was with friends and got delayed. Dadi reacts by slapping her, and Vidya steps in to comfort Kajal.

Manish, Manav and Vikas's banter:

Manish dialing Manav's number, and after exchanging greetings, Manav immediately inquired about the caller's identity, curious as to how he had acquired his grandfather's phone and the whereabouts of the elderly gentleman. Upon learning it was Manish Goenka on the other end, Manav, referring to him as MG, proceeded to inquire about their grandfather's location. Manish reassured him that their grandfather was present, though Vikas, feigning illness, interjected with a cough. Manav, sensing the pretense, teasingly questioned Vikas about his supposed illness, prompting Manish to clarify that Vikas was indeed unwell, dismissing any notions of makeup. To everyone's surprise, Manav, revealing his profession as a doctor, not only identified Vikas's fake illness but also detected the presence of Suwarna and Surekha hiding nearby. He greeted them as 'Dadis,' to which Vikas expressed his longing to see Manav in person and requested him not to discuss his marriage plans, a promise sealed with crossed fingers. Manish, noticing the exchange, reiterated the promise, and Vikas eagerly anticipated their upcoming meeting, concluding the conversation with a joyful dance and an agreement to find a suitable partner for Manav, much to Suwarna's approval.

Abhira questions the Poddars' double standards:

Meanwhile, tensions rose elsewhere as accusations flew in a family confrontation. Dadi confronted Charu, accusing her of lying about her whereabouts, insisting that she had spent the morning with a mysterious man instead of attending college or visiting friends. Amidst the shocked onlookers, Dadi revealed witnessing Charu in a café with the said man, pressing for an explanation of their relationship. Charu broke down in tears as Sanjay, her brother, urged her to reveal the truth. Threatening to count to three, Sanjay demanded honesty, but Dadi intervened before reaching the final count, allowing Abhira, Charu's sister, to step forward. Abhira challenged the family's double standards regarding honor, defending Charu's innocence and questioning the societal stigma attached to interactions between men and women. Sanjay accused Charu of maintaining an improper relationship with the man in question, provoking a heated exchange between Abhira and him.

Abhira finally disclosed the identity of the man as Dev Sir, their boss, shocking everyone present. Dadi, furious at being kept in the dark, questioned why she hadn't been informed of Charu's internship. She insisted on making decisions regarding Charu's future, forbidding her from pursuing any career opportunities outside the home. Heartbroken, Charu complied, while Dadi continued to assert her authority, leaving the family divided. 


Abhira speaks up, expressing a sentiment about the possibility of falling in love, but before she can finish her thought, she grabs Ruhi's attention. She reflects on the timeless nature of true love, suggesting that if someone genuinely loves another person, they should strive to reconcile and reunite. However, the other person responds, indicating that their relationship cannot be salvaged. Ruhi reacts with shock to this revelation.

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When will this boring show end? lol

1 months ago

Oh please old lady will make ruhi that second wife of armaan while he is married to abhira.

1 months ago

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