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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Akshara and Abhir held hostage by a man looking for Abhimanyu

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Akshara and Abhir will be held hostage by a man who will come looking for Abhimanyu.

Published: Thursday,Sep 21, 2023 06:49 AM GMT-06:00
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Shreyansh Kaurav

The episode begins with Akshu and Abhi both sleeping on the floor. Abhi can't help but think about her. Then, her phone rings, and it's Abhir on the line. He reassures her, saying he's not worried because "Docman" is with her. She tells him to go to sleep, playfully threatening to pull his ears if he gets too excited. The call ends, and Abhi notices that she's feeling cold. Being the caring guy he is, he gives her a blanket, but she teases him about his mood swings. They banter back and forth, and she even pulls the curtain down, leading to an argument. Eventually, she decides to leave, and Abhi informs her that it's raining outside.

Meanwhile, Kairav is packing his bag, and Muskaan questions where he's going. He angrily responds that he can't stay there and is leaving. She insists he can't leave the room, and Abhi chimes in, saying it's not safe. Akshu, fed up with the constant fighting, expresses her frustration, saying she can't trust him as long as he withholds the truth. Abhi finally gives in and says he'll handle it, but she demands the truth and not just an apology. Despite the late hour and the thunderstorm outside, they continue to argue. In the midst of their argument, Abhi accidentally falls off a moving cart, prompting Akshu to rush to his side. Muskaan intervenes, asking what they are doing.

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Kairav, who had decided to leave earlier, has a change of heart and packs Muskaan's bag instead, locking her in the room. Akshu apologizes to Abhi and tells him to get up, scolding him. Abhi, looking at her, finally blurts out, "Akshara, I love you. You are my first and last love. I will always love you." This confession shocks her, and he continues, saying it's the truth she wanted to hear but he was reluctant to say. He admits his mistake in hiding this from her and pleads with her not to leave. However, a taxi arrives, and she leaves in it. He regrets his decision, realizing that he hurt her by revealing the truth.

In another scene, Dadi blesses Suwarna, who hasn't slept all night due to worry. Suwarna is concerned about Akshu, Kairav, and Muskaan. Manish decides to go meet Agarwal but is surprised to find Akshu at the door. Suwarna invites her inside, but Akshu insists she's fine. Despite her protest, Suwarna can tell something is amiss.

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At the dining table, Muskaan greets everyone, but Surekha suggests she stop thinking too much. Akshu inquires about Kairav's whereabouts, but Muskaan is evasive, and Surekha stops her from saying more.

Aarohi calls Akshu with important news, telling her about the builder's lawyer coming to Birla Hospital. Abhir offers to accompany her, but she refuses, preferring to attend the meeting via video call. However, when Abhir insists, she suddenly shouts that she won't go, leaving everyone puzzled.

At the hospital, Abhi and Akshu arrive. Abhir questions them about whether they had another fight, and they deny it. Abhir walks away, and Abhi and Akshu start arguing again. Akshu approaches Abhir and pretends to have a headache and neck pain, which touches his heart. He suggests that when he grows up, she should sit with him in the car, and he'll drive carefully. She hugs him and goes to buy ice cream for him but returns to find him gone, engrossed in a puppet show. His innocent words about a happy ending story bring tears to her eyes. Back at home, Manish notices Abhir arranging pictures of Abhi and Akshu and questions why he cut Docman's picture. Abhir explains that he doesn't have a picture with Docman and can't ask his mom and Docman to take one together, suggesting they'll have to live separately. Akshu overhears this conversation, further deepening her dilemma.

Precap:  A mysterious man confronts Abhir and Akshu, demanding to know the whereabouts of Dr. Abhimanyu, leaving Abhi shocked by a message he receives.

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