World Wildlife Day: Towards A 'Kinder' Fashion!

Therefore, today, to highlight the importance of this day, our style desk brings you, some fashionably cool ways to contribute towards our nature in preserving it’s wildlife , flora and fauna...

wildlife fashion

Every year March 3rd is observed as World Wildlife Day, to spread the awareness and importance of wildlife and it’s impact on planet earth. It also throws light on issues such as urbanisation, poaching, destruction of wildlife habitat and various ways humans pollute the nature thereby affecting the wildlife. 

Therefore, today, to highlight the importance of this day, our style desk brings you, some fashionably cool ways to contribute towards our nature in preserving it’s wildlife, flora and fauna. 

Scroll down and help create a healthy environment for every living being on earth:

Animal Print

Always been the one to garner attention, animal prints have and will sustain in every season. It means instant style and luxury with a sharp edge. If we go flashback in history, animal print was worn only by the hoity-toity of the society, since they could only afford the expensive skin to incorporate in their clothing and home decor. However, today with varied printing techniques one doesn’t have to resort to killing an animal for the sake of style. Also much credit goes to organisations that work towards preserving nature and it’s creation.

leopard print dress

Faux Fur

There are high chances that knowingly or unknowingly faux fur is tucked away in your wardrobe. May be as a jacket, inside your boots and coats, ear muffs or just as a fluffy key chain, faux fur is not just ruling our closets but also the fashion industry as a whole. Fashion giants like Chanel, Gucci, Versace and many more who once popularised animal fur as luxury are now vouching towards it’s preservation, with the use of synthetic fur. 

faux fur

Artificial Leather

Better than real leather is its artificial counterpart, courtesy it’s look, appeal and feel. And we are not guilty of saying it, because leather is a byproduct of the meat industry. You could also opt for vintage leather pieces. This material can be included in your wardrobe if you make a wise choice!

leather jacket

Flower Power

Now let’s talk about the most prettiest thing the nature has to offer human kind. The flora and fauna. We could do our bit and ditch plastic accessories for handmade natural flower ones. Like the popular floral jewellery worn by brides for their mehendi functions.

flower accessory

Repeating is Cool

Talking of brides, we could not miss to emphasize on the times when Drashti Dhami wore her bridal outfit. While we do wear denims and other wardrobe pieces on repeat, expensive clothing like one’s bridal wear could also mean making your contribution towards the environment as you will end up saving lot of natural resources which in turn will also help conserve the wild and the natural habitat. 

repeating your clothing

We truly believe that even a small contribution can make a big difference when it comes to saving the environment and wildlife. What are your thoughts on this subject? Let us know your answers in the comments below…

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