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Wishing to date Kangana Adhyayan Suman

I was promised something else and am given something else. I think they just took me so that their film gets promoted using my dad's name.

Published: Friday,Jun 27, 2008 14:16 PM GMT-06:00
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A few moments, a few sawaals and little explore into the heart of your favourite stars. That’s how we serve more for you to know about them and this time we are here with the newest star in the B-sky – Adhyayan Suman, the son to veteran tele and cine- actor Shekhar Suman. Let's get close and know more about the star son Adhyayan.

Q. You were appreciated for your performance in Kumar Mangat’s Haal-e-dil, but your role seemed to be very short…
A. Yeah, I was promised something else and am given
Wishing to date Kangana  Adhyayan Suman
something else. I think they just took me so that their film gets promoted using my dad’s name.

Q. So...would you like to work again with him in the future?
A. Nope, of course not.

Q. Your favourite song of Haal-e Dil?
A. My favouite song is Jeeta Hoon...

Q. How was the working experience with Amita Pathak?
A. It was a good experience working with her. She is very talented and hardworking girl.

Q. Any film scheduled with papa Shekhar Suman?
A. Yeah, I am doing a film with my dad where he is playing my elder brother.

Q. Did your dad give you any acting tips while shooting for your first film?
A. He just asked me to be focused and determined in life and always to have an aim in life.

Q. Did you always know right from childhood that Bollywood is where your heart is?
A. Yeah of course it was always my career.

Q. Being a star’s son, were you given any special treatment in your schooling days?
A. Yes, I was treated like a star son when I was in India till the 7th standard but then when I went abroad no one knew who I was.

Q. Do you think acting is inborn?
A. Oh yes, because one can never learn acting. It comes from you inside.

Q. While talking to you one has to think about your upcoming flick i.e. Raaz 2. What is your character in the film?
A. It's a role of an atheist who doesn't believe in God and spirits and makes documentaries to tell the world that there is no ghost. All these are just an imaginary term and he is in a live in relationship with Kangana. Well, that’s enough for the time being. I will unfold the Raaz in a few months time. Q. A lot is said about you and Kangana Ranaut
A. Kangana is a very good friend of mine. We are working together. But the way media is unnecessarily hyping our relationship, maybe in the future we really will start dating (laughs).

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