Will Swara pull off to be Shrimati Deshmukh in Sarvagunn ?

Extreme tribulations to encircle Swara’s life with death of Aditya Deshmukh in Imagine TV’s Sarvagunn Sampanna….

Published: Tuesday,Jun 22, 2010 15:13 PM GMT-06:00
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It seems as if the title of being the daughter in law of Deshmukh family is not going to come and easy way in Swara Raje's life in Imagine TV and Balaji Telefilm's serial Sarvagunn Sampanna.

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For the uninitiated, from the beginning for Swara, thing's related to her marriage with Aditya aka Mujtaba Ali Khan haven't come an easy way. And now her rape sequence has just added on to her tribulations.

Now will the Deshmukh family accept her as their daughter in law is the question of concern?

A little Birdie informed us that, "After her rape when Swara comes over to the Deshmukh residence where Aditya and the entire family refuses from taking any hasty decision. Ragini (Sangeeta Kapure) who is already experiencing insecurity creates a high voltage drama and even probes Swara to give an Agni-Pareksha to prove her purity and on Swara's refusal she even slaps her."

But the twist in the tail doesn't end there instead it's just the beginning of the encroaching storm wherein in upcoming episodes Swara would be blamed for the death of Aditya.

You read it right Aditya would be declared dead this week.

Our source informed us that, "After this entire drama Aditya who is now deeply in love with Swara and trust's her to the core decides to cheer her up with some flowers and on his way he meets with an accident and after certain serious diagnosis is declared to be dead and again Swara is being blamed for all the misfortune."   

So, will Ekta Kapoor like her previous fictional shows get back her lead after a makeover or open doors for a new entry is something that needs to be watched!

The accident sequence would be aired on coming Thursday and Aditya would be declared dead on Friday.

Reporter & Author: Pooja Shenoy.

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rajkumar11cc 12 years ago wat a bull shit story why u want to kill the hero r u crazy ekta u and ur stupid stories u always seperate the main leads.anyways i never watched this serial .plz stop these kinds of stories u crazy women
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masz 12 years ago Aditya and Swara make a cute jodi, please dont kill him off.
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--Angel.Nidhi 12 years ago Ekta and her worthless "punarjanam" kinds of dramas! Give me a break man!
Its a season of deaths I think! :P
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Simran_kuar81 12 years ago Ofcours Pooja BOse get success In her life and she is very preety girl and i like her very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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diamondgirl15 12 years ago @jeni90 - totally agree....I only watched it for Swara & Aditya - thought they made an awesome jodi....if its true & he's killed off I certainly won't be watching anymore....WTF is the serial gonna be about once he's gone????
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indranigupta 12 years ago thank god d hero wud b declared dead he was horrible
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mani10 12 years ago What is wrong with these serials nowadays-killing leads right ,left and centre MJHT,Bidaai and now this
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jeni90 12 years ago now its over,,,ekt started her drama,,it was cute till now,,but now i wont watch it
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Sweetyzz 12 years ago the god he is gone and i hope they will bring somebody else
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AfghanLeena 12 years ago plzzzz dont kill Aditya really love Swara and Aditya thery pair is really hot the show have become intressting now agian u give us the sad secenes plzzz dont do that to us have watch the show really love it to watch hope that Swara and Aditya love wanne watch more secens of them plzzzzzzzzz dont kill Aditya:(............

Love Leena:)
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