Who's in Vogue?!

Here's another of our weekly face-offs!

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Here's another of our weekly face-offs!
This time between two starlets from the more recently launched younger brigade!
Of course, there is always that ex-Ranbir factor they have in common, among other things ...!

Sonam Kapoor is one daring diva, for she sticks to no norms and sets her own fashion! From casual and trendy to mix and match, from formal and classy to chunky and street-styled - Sonam seems to show herself in avatars as varied as they get! Monotone, we say, is not the word to define her, and if someone can let lose tossed tresses and curls over an attire (from this Vogue cover) that would otherwise incline towards formal on a scale, Sonam can! Looking nothing less of the ravishing she always does!

Deepika Padukone may not be the stand out by habit. But we give her that she can't be missed too long! She's more subtle, when declaring her fashion statements, for the most, but very rarely found in fault by the fashionistas. True to her safe experimenting, she comes to the Vogue covers with the never failing denim mantra!

So who's winning more hearts this face off time - counting fans now!

Compiled by: Nitya
Author: Naseem J.

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