Which Tulsi is Better? - Smriti ya Gautami

As the iconic bahu of television returns in Kyunki, the cast of the show reveal their feelings about Smriti's return...

Published: Friday,Apr 11, 2008 12:20 PM GMT-06:00
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Well, Ekta Kapoor and the entire unit of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi finally have a big reason to celebrate, and it is the return of “Tulsi Mayya”, our very own Smriti Irani. While the one-hour special episode aired on April 10th marked the comeback of the ‘Iconic Bahu’, Smriti in the serial, the story line also paved way for the 1-year old Tulsi, Gautami Kapoor to go grey. The coming weeks will see the ‘Clash of Titans’ – Tulsi Vs Tulsi probably, for the first time ever.

So what have the cast of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi to say about Smriti’s comeback after a year long hiatus? How do they see both the Tulsi’s – Gautami and Smriti? Here's the Telly Buzz team grilling the star cast of Ekta’s longest running soap…

Sudha Shivpuri aka Baa:

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Your take on Smriti’s comeback into Kyunki: I am very happy that she has come back. The whole family welcomes her back. I have seen her grow before my eyes, and you all know how attached I am to her. At the same time, I am feeling bad for not working with Gautami now.

Describe in one word – Smriti and Gautami, the two Tulsi’s: I have to say that both of them are really sweet and talented actors.

Sumeet Sachdev aka Gautam:

Your take on Smriti’s comeback into Kyunki: I really do not know what to feel. This is an industry where every actor can get replaced at any given point of time; we are here to work and that’s it! As far as Smriti is concerned, she is a very talented actress.

Describe in one word – Smriti and Gautami, the two Tulsi’s: It is very hard to describe them..

Sandeep Baswana aka Saahil:

Your take on Smriti’s comeback into Kyunki: I am here to work, and I get paid for whatever I do. So according to me, both Smriti and Gautami are my co-actors, and as an actor, I am fine with whoever I am asked to work with.

Describe in one word – Smriti and Gautami, the two Tulsi’s: Gautami is a very warm person, while Smriti is a thorough professional.

Reshmi Ghosh aka Bhoomi:

Your take on Smriti’s comeback into Kyunki: It is quite a sensible decision taken by both Smriti and Ekta because when we recollect and think, we always remember Smriti as Tulsi, and nobody else. No doubt, Gautami was doing justice to the role, but it was not the same as Smriti. Smriti is like an epitome to the character of Tulsi, so Tulsi means Smriti and vice versa..

Describe in one word – Smriti and Gautami, the two Tulsi’s: I really do not know Smriti so well, but I can only say that both Smriti and Gautami are ‘Women of Substance’.

Mouni Roy aka KT:

Your take on Smriti’s comeback into Kyunki: I am delighted to have Smriti back; I have a special bonding with her as I gave my very first scene in the serial with her. I am now looking forward to work again with Smriti.

Describe in one word – Smriti and Gautami, the two Tulsi’s: Gautami is more vibrant and fun-loving while Smriti is silent and not at all impulsive. By nature, both are opposite to each other, but they have justified the character of Tulsi very well.

Rakshanda Khan aka Tanya:

Your take on Smriti’s comeback into Kyunki: We are very happy that she is back to the serial. Obviously, you will not find anyone unhappy about it (smiles). I can’t say anything more than this, as I am not shooting for Kyunki anymore.

Describe in one word – Smriti and Gautami, the two Tulsi’s: Both are very different from each other and it is very difficult to describe them in a word. But I can say that both have played the character of Tulsi so well and have done justice to it. They both are too talented, and I cannot suffice what they are in one word.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair, Melanie, Binita Ramchandani
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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bansal_nidhi 14 years ago hm...CA's actor turned governor is back to acting...interesting
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pallavi25 14 years ago I like Gautami she looks cuter with Ronit, but Smriti looks more age appropriate for the role. Gautami is a very good actress but too young to play grandma. I hope Ekta gives her a good role soon.
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power_play 14 years ago No comparison should be done here.
Both are fine actresses but Smriti Irani is a legend of Indian Entertainment TV.
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bharti_hi 14 years ago It is like asking who is better - Meena kumari (smriti) or Julia Roberts (gautumi)

both grt yet different...both women of substance
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Tulsey 14 years ago Hi,
When I started watching SBKBT, I only knew Ghautmi. I like her acting very much. I had a glimse of Smriti on April 10 ep and found her to be younger.......which I don't understand in these shows. The mothers are and look the same age as their kids!! Same person is playing in differnt soaps and their roles can be totally different....what a MESS!!!!!!
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Shaina_b 14 years ago Well Smriti is really Tulsi!!!No one plays Tulsi better than her!!

But they could have gotten her a makeover!!Paravti is so young and she so old????
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JasminBhasinFan 14 years ago Both Gautami n Smriti are too good!
I like both of them!2009-07-08 06:43:02
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Too_Much 14 years ago kool
Lekin someone should have answered none
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shorti21 14 years ago both r good actresses...but i think that since smriti has been acting as tulsi for so long when we hear tulsi we automatically think smriti
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cameroon16 14 years ago Tulsi can only be Smriti and good that Ekta realized that in time.
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