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Watch This 'Breaking Bad' Scene Before Watching 'El Camino' Says Aaron Paul

And it is not the finale he is talking about.


It seems like the excitement surrounding the much-talked about and much-awaited Breaking Bad movie cannot be contained anymore, especially after the teaser of the same was released a day ago. With every passing moment, we seem to be getting new updates and the latest one is equally intriguing to look at.

If you have been living under a rock, Aaron Paul will be headlining the movie playing the character of Jesse Pinkman that he will reprise from the phenomenon of a show, Breaking Bad. His character was the one that escaped the goons in the finale as Walter White (Bryan Cranston) saw his end (or did he?).

So, apart from the obvious finale scene for everyone to catch-up on, Aaron wants everyone to watch one particular scene before you watch the Breaking Bad movie, El Camino.

Here's the one-

Courtesy : Twitter

In case you haven't seen it already, boy, just do it already! 

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