Wasna Ahmed replaces Krystle D'Souza in Kahe Na Kahe

Ekta's blue-eyed beauty Krystle D'Souza aka Kinjal of Kahe Na Kahe is moving out of the show. Find out why...

Ekta Kapoor’s recent find Krystle D’Souza, better known as Kinjal, the main protagonist of Kahe Na Kahe, a show on 9X, has been replaced by Wasna Ahmed (Dhara of Kasauti Zindagi Kay). The 17 year old youngster is unable to cope up with strenuous shooting schedules and pressures working in the television industry and has decided to call it quits for the moment.

When contacted Krystle confirmed the news and said, “It was difficult for me to cope with the pressure. I have been shooting 24X7 for the last three months and in spite of taking medication, my body could no longer take the stress. It became hectic managing both studies and work.” She further added, “Although I am leaving the show I am definitely not going out of Balaji. I owe my recognition in the industry to Ekta ma’am. I am on a break for two weeks after which I will be doing a new project but I cannot reveal any details right now.
Wasna Ahmed re-asserted the news saying, “It is true that I will be replacing Krystle in Kahe Na Kahe. Krystle has been unwell for quite some time now, constantly down with fever and was very weak. Hence the replacement. And I am quite delighted to do the role.”

So does the role of Kinjal change drastically with a change of face? “No”, says Wasna, “the character will remain the same." Wasna has also gained immense popularity with her role of Dhara in Kasauti Zindagi Kay. So what will happen on that front? Will her character take a backseat? Wasna says, “Not really. As of now my track in Kasauti has ended so I there is no question of it taking a backseat.”
So as the young girl tries to cope up with the pressure, the Telly Buzz team wishes her a speedy recovery and eagerly awaits her return to television.

Reporter : Melanie, Ranjini Nair
Author: Melanie

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Comments (24)

i wasnt really happy when krystal got replaced by wasna but now im sure it was for the best wasna's the best both kinjal's are so cute.

14 years ago

i feel bad for shilpa .. i think she is a nize person i mean how is it her fault dt she got recognised for BB racism ... she is taking as it comes... ok i admit she iz irraiting me wit all the grab on tv none stop but at the same time she is trying to live her dream i guess?

16 years ago

do some action ...dontgive interview.
but she is playing smartly

16 years ago

many negative comments about the girl seem to smack of vindictiveness and jealousy. it's about time the girl got some recognition. she's a very good but hugely unappreciated actress (dhadkan, phir milenge, metro), has a figure to die for and the sweetest temperament i've ever seen in a celebrity! good luck to her, us uk-based nri's are proud of her!!

16 years ago


16 years ago

her work is quite good as well, she is one of the most underutilised actresses of her time...no one can beat her figure, and she has great acting talent...and if she is promoting herself whats wrong...she has done well and she deserves all the recognition and fame.

16 years ago

i dont get dis channel in UAE :(
anyways krystlee lukz preeety

other female..sumthngs weird bout her -_-

16 years ago

heya krystle here ~!
thank u'll sooooo much !!!
i'll get well as soon as possible (plzz pray 4 me)
n i'll b back soooooon...
but i wnt b able 2do knk anymore...but im sure wasna will do justice 2 kinjal!!
i'll b doin sumtin else wit balaji itself !!!

16 years ago

I don't think I'll continue watching it. I loved Krystal's pairing and chemistry with Naman.

No offense but I never liked Wasna in KZK.

I really wish Krystal comes back to the show once she feels better.

16 years ago

you are absolutely right knumnum...I'm with you..Krystal and Karan both look hot together..Even i think Wasna should not enter the serial..I'm gonna stop watching the show as soon as Krystal quits...

16 years ago

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