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Waiting for "Chamki Chameli"

It's very strange that Hollywood classics are still virgin for the Bollywood people, expert in xeroxing Hollywood flicks.

Published: Saturday,May 10, 2008 19:41 PM GMT-06:00
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It’s very strange that Hollywood classics are still virgin for the Bollywood people, expert in xeroxing Hollywood flicks. Amongst all the masterminds, Sanjay Gupta is invisibly crowned as the best brain in copying hit Hollywood stories. But it’s very sad for the known director, as well as for his audience, that he has taken his hand back from the project of converting the opera titled “Carmen” into a Bollywood presentation named “Chamki Chameli”. The success of “Carmen” can singularly be measured with the fact that the history creating opera has inspired 83 films worldwide. The project is lost for Sanjay and to save his back he has his own explanation. He says, “Chamki Chameli is no doubt a beautiful story, but I cannot go for that flick. Making the film would require a huge star-cast and equally huge amount of money. It would be injustice to the film if it’s made with a meager budget. I am not such a big director to handle such a huge project.”
Waiting for Chamki Chameli

Adding to his explanation, Sanjay says, “I hope they make the film with some other director and if they cannot make it and wait for some time then I’ll get incorporated with the project later. The Indian history is devoid of such films and I wish to include films like that in the prestigious history of Indian film industry. For me, Shyam Benegal, who is going to direct the film, is the most important name in the project.”

Now guess, what would be the reason behind Sanjay not trying his hand on the much hyped classic that is going to reborn in India. Sanjay looks upset saying, “actually, I approached many stars with the concept but, while few of them couldn’t understand the story, others couldn’t comprehend the characters. Shyam Benagal is absolutely clear with the concept and I don’t think it should be tried with a change.”

It’s not only Shyam Benegal but biggies like A R Rehman, Javed Akhtar, Aalin Ameen and Vaibhavi Merchant are also attached to this project. It’s the glam-wrapped musical flick which requires the glitz of Bollywood at its best. Plodding back, Sanjay gave his precious advice that the film should be made with new faces also but that may increase the risk factors with the project.

Now, the matter we should wait for is the man who should grab the project. The other factor should also be like after witnessing the situation with films like “Saawariya” and “Tashan” people may start assuming that making classic films with stars is not affordable. If we have the dream of watching classics in Hindi, we should only wish that people fail bridling their intention of avoiding classy things and get success in their first approach.

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