Viraj to lose her mental balance..

COLORS' Jeevan Saathi will now see Viraj losing her mental balance, and will focus on the way in which Ishwar fights against all odds to get her back to normalcy...

COLORS' Jeevan Saathi
is in for another twist with Viraj (Vani Gupta) loosing her mental balance.

Recently it was shown that her husband, Ishwar (Aamir Dalvi) helps her to escape from the mental asylum.

According to our source, "The shocks given to Viraj during her tenure at the asylum has had a bad effect on her mental balance. Now here comes the big task for Ishwar".

Elaborating more on the story line our source adds, "As Ishwar is dumb it will be quite difficult for him to fight with situations. In the coming episodes, the story will revolve around how Ishwar struggles to get back the mental balance of his wife and the way in which he tackles the situation is something to be watched."

The future track will focus more on Viraj-Ishwar rapport and the way it shapes up in the future.

Well, hope the track ahead pleases viewers who are still disappointed over the killing of Neil in the show!!

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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i am not watching the show since neil died what is stupid love stoy of Ishwar n Viraj the beautiful love story was of NEIL & VIRAJ

15 years ago

to each his own...

this show is away from kitchen politics...and the audience maybe is not used to the kind of planning and conspiracies that are depicted in the serial.. but they are not impossible.

i love ishwar''s character..his sincerity, his love.. and the actor is also doing a great job.

all the best to them.

15 years ago


If I owned the channel , i would have sued the producers , director , writers and sent them to jail on the spot.

15 years ago

hi dont find this show that bad. in fact this is my favourite show on Colors....

people are saying...this is regressive....but then...i dont think so..a father who has closed his eyes to humanity, conscience just for the satisfaction of his ego and political ambitions can do anything. and no, 99 pc fathers are good...but one percent might turn bad too..why otherwise are there cases of daughter''s rapes, incest and daughters'' sales.

why cant people see the sincerity and love of Ishwar despite his handicap..and the fact that viraj has accepted him only as a friend and not husband in life.

in fact, i have started watching this show only after viraj''s forced marriage...i think earlier it was childish with the viraj-neil track..

kudos the channel, producer and director. good job..

15 years ago

sorry but god may save i if u still watch it do u have regards 4 father-daughter relationship

15 years ago


I stopped watching once neil died!!

15 years ago

thank you so much for letting me know. now i know to continue not watching the show for at least 1-2 weeks. can''t wait till this track finishes.

15 years ago

not on color too!!!!!!!!!!! why?and are they blind or something?who watches PA shows in this days an age?*sigh* god help the fans of the show.

15 years ago

lololololololol...............after reading all this there isnt anything left for me to say....
colors...y cant u understand what can b seen clearly by everyone else???

15 years ago

haha all i can say is colors have lost it, am not biased because of mohe rang de i feel sincerely that this show is sick so well lets see making it even sicker with this twist will increase TRPs even more or not

15 years ago

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