Vijay to get a second innings on Imagine??

NDTV Imagine's Vijay - Desh Ki Aankhen, was pulled off air recently. But talks are still on for a weekend slot, is what we hear...

The action packed drama of NDTV Imagine, Vijay- Desh Ki Aankhen was recently pulled off air. Now the channel and production house are in talks to bring it back in the weekend slot.

“We are in talks but nothing has been finalized yet. The show may or may not come,” says Amrit Sagar, Producer of the show.

What was the reason for the show being taken off? “The channel was revamping its prime time and thus decided to have shows of half an hour. Vijay did not fit in there as it’s an action packed drama; so we had to come to a mutual decision,” he adds further.

Vijay was centered around Colonel Ranjit Singh and his team of highly trained officers and the various missions they undertake to ensure safety and security of the nation and its people. The show went on air in July and concluded in September.

Well, only time will tell whether the mission of Vijay will rise from the tomb again. Till then, let the soldiers rest in peace!!

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi


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Amrit Sagar

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This show was on air?? When?? I really wanted to watch it!! *sigh* Why are there never any good military dramas on Indian TV any more?? And if there are any, they are never allowed to survive :(

15 years ago

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