Vicky & Sunny Kaushal's fun banter in 'The Great Indian Kapil Show' with the 'Sharvari' angle makes fans eager

We got a glimpse at the promo of the upcoming episode of 'The Great Indian Kapil Show' which airs every Saturday on Netflix, featuring the dapper Kaushal brothers making fans highly excited and eager for the episode.

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The Great Indian Kapil Show

Kapil Sharma returns to the screen, this time on Netflix, with "The Great Indian Kapil Show." With just three episodes released, the show has already captured the hearts of audiences with its varied guest lineup and entertaining antics.

The series kicked off with the Kapoor family gracing Kapil's couch, featuring Ranbir Kapoor, Neetu Kapoor, and Riddhima Kapoor. This was followed by a dose of sports drama, as Rohit Sharma and Shreyas Iyer provided insights into the cricketing world. The latest episode showcased the team of 'Amar Singh Chamkila,' including Diljit Dosanjh, Parineeti Chopra, and Imtiaz Ali, delving into the world of filmmaking and their upcoming film.

In the promo for the upcoming episode, viewers caught a glimpse of the dapper Kaushal brothers, Vicky and Sunny. Kapil, known for his humorous banter, teased Sunny by pretending to have a slip of the tongue moment, mentioning Sharvari Wagh, sparking rumors of their alleged relationship. This elicited a fun reaction from both brothers, with Vicky quipping about the quick wit of Kapil's humor.

The promo also teased Vicky sharing amusing anecdotes about Sunny, including a humorous incident where Sunny fell into a gutter. The episode promises to be filled with laughter and camaraderie, showcasing the bromance between the Kaushal brothers.

The anticipation among fans for the episode's release on Netflix this Saturday is palpable, as they eagerly await to witness the entertaining dynamics between Kapil Sharma and the Kaushal brothers unfold on screen.

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Sharvari is not that popular so it’s not like how Katrina was teased about Vicky or something

1 months ago

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