Varun- Natasha's Roka Ceremony was held along with Natasha's Dad's Birthday: Pictures Below

Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalala's Roka Ceremony Attended by B-Townies...

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Varun Dhawan Natasha Dalal Roka

Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal who have been dating for years now, are all set to take their relationship to the next level now.

As per fresh details, on the occasion of Natasha's dad, Raju Dalal's birthday on February 12, 2020, Varun along with his family members, dad David Dhawan, mom Lali Dahwan, brother Rohit Dhawan and sister-in-law, Jaanvi Dhawan; arrived at his long-time girlfriend Natasha Dalal's residence for the Roka ceremony along with the birthday celebration.

Late in the evening, the Dhawans were spotted leaving their abode, all decked up in festive attires and carrying gifts and other traditional things (required for a ceremony). Both the families, the Dhawans and the Dalals have now made it official and as per the Hindu customs, they have done the Roka Ceremony, which means officially confirming and fixing the marriage.

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Check out the pictures of the guests who attended the Roka-cum-birthday celebration below:

Karan Johar Manish Malhotra at Varun Dhawan Natasha Dalal RokaDavid Dhawan at Varun Dhawan Natasha Dalal RokaLali Dhawan at Varun Dhawan Natasha Dalal RokaVarun Dhawan Natasha Dalal Roka

A close source has revealed, "Both the families decided to combine the two occasions, the Roka and the birthday because VD didn't want to make his Roka ceremony public and is waiting for the right time to make it official. Hence, they planned on having it on Mr. Dalal's birthday so that the news isn't out and people are left confused."

No matter how hard Varun tries to hide the affair, the news is out and also the presence of his whole extended family and B-town biggies including his mentor and filmmaker Karan Johar, celebrity designer Manish Malhotra, Punit Malhotra and a few more just makes it more concrete. Everyone being dressed up in festive attires and the mark of the Tilak on Varun's forehead which wiped off while leaving Natasha's residence is a clear evident that it was not just a birthday party!

While we wait for the actor to make it official, we still wish the couple and the Dhawans and the Dalals heartiest congratulations. Johar Manish Malhotra at Varun Dhawan Natasha Dalal RokaAnil Dhawan at Varun Dhawan Natasha Dalal Roka

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