Vahbbiz Dorabjee Dsena to be featured as the young achiever for a leading magazine!

Popular TV actress Vahbbiz Dorabjee Dsena is heading to Pune for a photo shoot for a Pune based magazine where she will be featured as the young achiever for the magazine.

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Popular actress Vahbbiz Dorabjee Dsena rose to fame with Star One’s show Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani. While the actress was on a sabbatical after the show Pyaar Ki Ek… ended, she was seen in a cameo role in Star Plus’ Saraswatichandra. 

As the actress is enjoying her break, Vahbbiz surely must be on cloud nine as a Pune based magazine has decided to feature her in their magazine as the young achiever.  Vahbbiz came to Mumbai to pursue her dreams and ambitions. She wanted to make her career in the entertainment industry in spite being from an affluent family. 

Our sources inform us, "A leading Pune based magazine wishes to feature Vahbbiz in their magazine as the young achiever. Vahbbiz belongs to Pune and comes from a well to do family. She came down to Mumbai all alone to make her career and achieve recognition in the industry leaving her luxuries, family and everything. Today she has achieved a lot and thus the magazine wants to feature her. She has gone to Pune for a photo-shoot and the same will be issued in the next edition of the magazine."

We got in touch with the Vahbbiz to know more about it for which she said, "Yes, I am going to Pune and this visit is to meet and be with my family as I am from Pune. Basically I love to drive alone and so I am here (laugh).”

TellyBuzz wishes Vahbbiz Dorabjee Dsena all the best for her future endeavors!

Neha Jain



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afreen_sheikh 6 years ago Vahbiz is a celeb. She has come till here all bcz of her hardwork...but I pity u all..U r all so blindfolded by drashti that u can't even talk good of any other actor...pls get a life..u have a problem with vahbiz, just ignore..don't bother to comment
kaveriadiga8 6 years ago Get a life ppl!!! She left her house at d age of 20 n struggled n worked hard to come up to this level..Jus bcz u r a drashti fan doesnt give u any damn right to comment on her.U ppl r not even worth taking out her name..U say she did only 3 shows...do 3 shows n show me n then talk of her..Drashti is.not a goddess.so get ur facts right..Vahbiz has achieved in her life n thats y u all find it important to talk of her..But lemmi tell u vahbiz doesnt give a damn..She jus lets d dog bark..U have a problem with her then y did u bother to comment.or why did u even bother to read dis article...
HypocriteLover 6 years ago LMFAO the real faces of SO CALLED feminists coming out. they can bash real people for fictional characters and their "respect for woman" "feminism" lies for just certain celeb and not for real people and they can bash vahbbiz right left like she is not even a person. where is there so called woman respect now which they shout and give lectures to everyone. kindly stop being PARTIALLY feminist and stop being such hypocrites. shame.. all the best to vahbbiz.
RaniGayetri_DD 6 years ago Haha off course she has achieved by marrying a younger guy than her and now do nothing and just aish on her fathers and husbands money. Such useless woman. Both she and her husband sucks
renuj 6 years ago all the best Vahbiz Dorabjee.god bless u always.love u and Vivian.
zubeada 6 years ago hhh i am just laughing at you guyes ...dont care about her but not need to hate her or bash her not good for health ...now i get it not jus DD or VD been bashed by fans all actors ...wow what the point of bashing just to please yourself...okay then do it what a big deal lol2014-07-08 13:34:21
SONAL30 6 years ago All the best vahbbiz dorabjee dsena
Love u and vivian
..FrozenHeart.. 6 years ago All the best Vaahbbiz Dorabjee Dsena !!! Some people can't tolerate others acheivement
ArianaGrande 6 years ago DD haters Ka Muh Kala

Hate her but you can't ignore her2014-07-08 07:54:27
romaila 6 years ago I don't like this girl from PKYEK times still wish her all the best.
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