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Uproar on the sets of SRGMP after elimination

With this week's elimination there was a big uproar on the sets of SRGMP. Read on to know more.

Published: Thursday,Feb 14, 2008 09:09 AM GMT-07:00
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With the Grand Finale of SaReGaMaPa drawing close everyone wait with baited breath to know about the elimination. But this week’s elimination on SaReGaMaPa saw a big hue and cry over the elimination. It was AAamir Hafiz who got eliminated this week and his family members present on the sets created such a ruckus that all hell broke loose. Pleas from Aditya and the judges all fell on deaf ears. The celebrity judge Amjad Ali Khanji too told him that the matter laid entirely at the discretion of the judges and he was no one to question that. Even poor AAamir's pleas were disregarded. The matter reached such a stage where the shoot was on the verge of cancellation when AAamir was pulled down by them from the stage and made a walk out.
On asking AAamir’s brother, he too confirmed the incident and gave his reason for the act. “Yes we people don’t accept the elimination because AAamir was a very good singer and he was always on the top and everyone knows that he is better than Tanmay and Rohanpreet. I think they cheated us. The voting pattern is wrong. Each and every family member and even my friend's would daily send 100 voting message to Aamir, so how can he loose. The channel has played a nice game on us,” was Aamir’s brother’s reply. On asking who is to be blamed for the elimination, the Judges or the Voting pattern Aamir’s brother made it very clear that Judges had no role to play here. “The elimination was not in the hand of the Judges. The channel is fully responsible for the elimination. They cheated us,” retorted his brother.  
Aamir himself was quite upset and shocked with the elimination. His family members are yet to decide if now he’ll carry on with the tour Zee as planned for these Lil Champs.
Reporter:Ranjini Nair
Author: Barnali

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spsharmila 15 years ago sonali is a brilliant actress and a very strainght forward person.I love her smile.I hope that she finds her Mr.Right soon.
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rockingal93 14 years ago omg! whatever happened waz very wrong! i mean becuz of srgmp amir's family got so much fame and fortune. they should not hav done that. verry sad to see that ppl think like that!
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ammmu 14 years ago Whatever happened on Friday should not have happened at all.. Aamir himself was asking his brother to stop.

When his brother himself said it was fine not to do the elimination on Suresh ji special episode, why is he bringing back that same topic? And what's this with bringing up Amanat and Raja?

It upset me... they have dampened Aamir's future now also.

Thanks for the article!
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bittersweet93 14 years ago First of all, voting patterns are never stable. Secondly, if they wanted to cheat them they could have done that a long long time ago.
And finally, not everyone thinks he's better than Tanmay and Rohanpreet. Personally,I think when he totally gives himself, he can blow u away. but otherwise, he's not very consistent.
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mandy0310 14 years ago Aamir's family was wrong, their behavior was uncalled for. They have a right to be upset but they could've handled the situation better.
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musicfan2008 14 years ago Granted that Amir Hafez is a very talented singer,but the most disappointing aspect was not his elimination itself- but the distasteful reaction of his family. Apart from the fact that they created a scene and raked up an issue that was over 2 weeks old, and insulted the very platform that has brought Amir to the fore, their attempt at communalising the issue was disgusting to say the least.
Mark Amir's family's comments after the show:
Such injustice is always done to our 'watan' (btw I thought all of us belonged to the same 'watan') and that Raja and Amanat should had won Sa re ga ma but Zee rigged it so that Aneek won (again btw I fail to see how Amanat, who is a Pakistani is the same 'watan'as Amir while Aneek, who is an Indian, is not!)
Their comments aginst Tanmay were also distasteful.
It is sad that music, which has always been blind to Hindu-Muslim differences ( right from the days of classical music, upto modern times with film music too) is being dragged into such controversies. Shame on Amir's family for their uncultured and communal behavior!

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simpleone 14 years ago Poor Amir Hafiz, he fell victim to, yet again to the unlealistic drama of a realistic reality show.
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Mistyy 14 years ago disgusting behavior..i just saw the promo, and seriosuly disturbing!!!!
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sonataca 14 years ago Oh man! Aamir did not deserve to be out! It is totally unfair!

I am so glad somebody spoke against the the channel, bunch of nothing but cheaters!!!
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sweet @s candy
sweet @s candy 14 years ago i dont think aamir should have gone out

and its good they said somthin by the way i was goin to watch this tommro
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