To Grandparents with love

NDTV Imagine's Pati Patni aur Woh now introduces grand parents in the lives of the couples...

Who can ever forget the unconditional love of doting grandparents, who pamper us rotten by stuffing us with our favorite food, who put us to sleep with stories of kingdoms far far away and not to forget our loving shield that protected us when we were just about to get spanked by our parents? These are fond memories that bring tears of joy in everyone's eyes. So a piece of advice… this episode of Pati Patni Aur Woh is not meant for the weak hearted.              

With the teenagers gone,it is now time for the grandparents to come into the lives of our celebrities. A letter along with the photo of the grandparent ordained to stay with the couple was sent to the five homes instructing them to meet their guest at five for a tea party.            

Shilpa and Apurva were delighted to welcome the green eyed 90 year old Susheela Pathak, whose photo Shilpa just couldn't stop kissing! Our Ram and Sita's Jodi had to greet Grandma Kaushalya Gangwani, a very surprising co-incidence indeed. Gurmeet believes that Kaushalya looks just like his naniji. Juhi and Sachin welcomed granddad Love Dev, who believed that he was a splitting image of Juhi's dadaji. Both Gurmeet-Debina and Juhi- Sachin got emotional and couldn't fight the tears as they remembered their own grandparents. Our sentimental Rakhi broke down whilst reading the letter and Elesh tries his best to comfort her. As for grandma Janak Rani Arora who they are supposed to welcome, Rakhi couldn't help but notice what a strong resemblance she had to her mother! Gaurav and Mouni gave a warm welcome to grandmother Vijay Laxmi Sabharwal.           

Gurmeet and Debina get very emotional as they learn that their naniji Kaushalya, had lost her son in the bomb blasts at Sarojini market which brought tears to her eyes. When Debina and Gurmeet ask her not to cry she lovingly said that they are nothing but tears of joy as she can see a reflection of her own children in them.              

Join our celebrity couples in this emotional journey as they start building the foundation of a beautiful relationship in the days to come on NDTV Imagine's Pati Patni Aur Woh.

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Comments (9)

oh sweet! i guess this will be the one of the best parts of the show!

14 years ago

i think rakhi and elesh will not get marry .they are fighting in the show. rakhi si too much .discusting

14 years ago

this week is going to be def emotional on the show...

14 years ago

ohhhhhhh..................its getting stupid day by day

14 years ago

oh the kids gone already???
i guess the show is ending soon

14 years ago

how sweet...but isnt it strange that all these couples bear a stiking resemblence to these grandparents!

14 years ago

I wonder y grandparents? i thought tht this was only for these couples to handle kids and teenagers... never the less.... I am looking forward to this newness in da show

14 years ago

Awwwwwhhhhh !!!

Thats sooooo cuteeee !!

14 years ago

thats sweet :)

but i wonder y grandparents?

14 years ago

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