Titli: Titli admits to Dhara about being physically abused by Garv, lashes out at Hiral for lurking around

In the upcoming episodes of Star Plus' show Titli, Titli will be seen admiting to Dhara about Garv physically abusing her.

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The Star Plus series 'Titli' continues to enthrall its audience with its captivating storyline, featuring Avinash Mishra and Neha Solanki in the lead roles. A recent promotional release from the channel has left viewers on the edge of their seats, as Garv's strong reaction to a picture displayed by Titli on the wall raises suspense levels.

In a previous report by India Forums, it was highlighted that Titli's sister, Hiral, takes a significant step to expose Garv's physical abuse towards Titli. The pivotal moment occurs during the Janmashtami pooja, where both Garv and Titli are present. Hiral boldly chooses to project video clips showcasing Garv's ill-treatment of Titli. However, Daadi intervenes and advises Hiral not to become entangled in this matter. Dhara, who overhears this conversation, decides to have a heartfelt conversation with Titli, delicately broaching the subject of whether Garv is abusive towards her.

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Recent developments shed light on the upcoming storyline. When Dhara confronts Titli and seeks the truth, Titli bravely opens up about Garv's physical abuse. Dadi enters the room and inadvertently overhears this conversation. She proceeds to caution Dhara against meddling in the affairs of a husband and wife, but Dhara is not content with this advice. Hiral steps in and reveals that Garv and Titli have even separated their beds, choosing not to sleep together. 

This revelation leaves Dhara and Dadi in a state of shock. Dadi then directly questions Titli about the situation, prompting a defensive reaction from Titli, who chastises Hiral for eavesdropping on her conversation with Garv. Dhara persistently seeks Titli's perspective on the matter, and Titli reassures her that she will handle everything.

As the drama unfolds, the audience is left wondering about Titli's next steps. What will she do in this challenging situation?

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I read the news from this site, it is 100% true, what do you guys think???

5 months ago

Just end this crap already it’s not the 1800s for Gods sake pathetic show!

5 months ago

I want to ask the makers what message are they giving in this show? Is it that just because Titli is an orphan the husband and his family can I'll treat her or a girl who's from a poor background should suffer at the hands of an abusive husband? Please, Titli kick your abusive husband out of your life. He doesn't deserve someone like you.

5 months ago

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