TIMES NOW announces the launch of 'No Full Stops'

Ways to start living...only on TIMES NOW.. Watch the wellness show 'No Full Stops'...

Have you ever felt the need to relax your mind but didn’t know how?   Have you ever looked for ways to stay fit but didn’t know where to start? Hold on! ‘No Full Stops’, a new wellness show by TIMES NOW is the answer to all your questions. In the fast paced world of today, every person is under pressure to perform better. At this juncture, we require simpler ways to access happiness and satisfaction in life. ‘No Full Stops!’ is the right medium which gives us solutions on how to cope with everyday stress. It helps one live life in a better way by enjoying good health through different forms like dance, games, yoga, martial arts and others.

With an energetic and refreshingly charming anchor, Teejay Sidhu doing the honours, the show couldn’t be better. The anchor, who is a graduate from the University of British Columbia doesn’t drink or smoke and gets her relaxation from meditation and praying. The show adds a new dimension to the life of an urbane viewer. This show is also for people, who want to live a positive lifestyle, by adopting health tips and insights to experience a feel good factor in them. Many feel intimidated, to go to a spa or a gym or they don’t have the time to go, this show is the right place for them.

The show ‘No Full Stops!’  Is a 13 - part series, one- stop show on wellness for the young, busy and the bored. The show is meant for everyone, who wishes to break away from the monotony of life and indulge in pampering oneself through ‘accessible wellness, something which everyone can incorporate in the daily humdrum of existence. People would halt, sit back and feel this is a show finally, which would cater to their interest level and urge them to feel better about themselves.  Arnab Goswami, Editor – in chief, TIMES NOW says,’Wellness is not just a state of mind today, but contemporary India wants to know more about it. ‘No Full Stops’ is just a step towards that. The show will arm the people with tips to achieve wellness amongst the not so good situation in todays life’ The show emphasizes and takes one through ways of de-stressing oneself, balancing ones physical, mental and spiritual needs and areas that are integral to looking after oneself. The viewer here have their choice, can identify a wellbeing issue and find a range of solutions given to it.

Every episode of the show, ‘No Full Stops!’ delves into something diverse and fresh. Episode 1 takes one through the world of dance which could do wonders to unwind and relax the mind and body. It also gives tips on how a little bit of fun could go a long way in adding spunk to ones mundane routine. The show promises to be youthful and full of energy.

The show thus gives a holistic approach to physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Every episode aims to bring a difference in people’s life. So tune into TIMES NOW, to give your life a new twist and get a weekly dose of health tips and insights to make a real difference in your life. The show will be shown on Saturdays at 7.30 PM and on Sunday at 12.30 and 6.30 PM..

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Oscar is not a big deal cuz the holly actor r cumin to india to shoot stuff n etc...
But i hope they pick out the best movies, cuz even though the movie loses, they sent out their best
My choices for this yr: TZP, CDI, JA

16 years ago

well....choosing movie like eklavya...hell yeah, our selection process is messed up biiiig time...!!!
i think that TZP shud b sent...chak de wont b bad either....
as fer 2008...jodhha akbar till now....
the oscars go to movies which are true to their craft and minutely follow what films are meant to be made like...not necessarily smthn tht makes money.....

16 years ago

I do think Bollywood don`t choose worthy films for the oscar that`s why they never get selected or won.
Bollywood, they always tend to chance on big actors e.g film is worthy or not.
a judge should appreciate a film to nomimate it, that we all have to consider this fact.

16 years ago

They are always going to award European movies. Just look at the list of people who judge best foreign film!

thats not true, india needs to send better movies, i mean they actally considered sending chak de india to the oscars what a joke. send a movie that woudl be liked by oscars judges, try sending a movie that NOT bollywood, there are other languages, send arty movies those are the ones they like.

also oscars are the be all enbd all of movies, but it woudl be nice for india films to get the recogition

16 years ago

Why do we even care about Oscars?
They are always going to award European movies. Just look at the list of people who judge best foreign film!

Best award is the one that is judged by the public.

16 years ago

If Ray films could not get the honors, something has to be wrong with the while process. I can understand Bollywoood falling short, but if they ignored Ray, then something is definitley wrong.

16 years ago

teejay meaning karanvirs wife? righT?
looking forwarddd to it!

15 years ago

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