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Catch the weekly twists and turns in the serials brought about to capture its audience. A thumbs up where the audience likes the track and a thumbs down where it fails to meet the expectations...

Thumbs up or
Thumbs Down - A weekly column in our News Hub - Telly Buzz that will give the latest twists and turns in the serials brought about to capture its' audience. A thumbs up is where the audience likes the track and a thumbs down is where it fails to meet the expectations. So watch out every week to see Aye and Naye By the Crazy Creatives.

Thumbs Up

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Kuch Iss Tarah: Well well well, it definitely seems that something is blossoming between Ranbir and Kanya! The cute scenes are continuing to grow, and it seems like this show will always remain as humourous as it has been... no one can ever get tired of Shanta tai's jokes, and even though the mystery of Natasha for the family members hasn't been solved yet, the rest of the storyline is doing very well, and our expectations are growing. Way to go, Kuch Iss Tarah!Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil: This show has managed to hold its position over here in this week. Heer gets engaged to Manmeet and we get introduced to our male lead of the show, “Prem”. Now what is stored for next week is yet to be seen... Till then, we can definitely sit down comfortably in our seats and watch the show!
Kumkum - Ek Pyaara Sa Bandhan: It was a great journey for Sumit-Kumkum fans this week. The childhood days of them was well displayed by the creative people. And to top it off, the icing on the cake was that Sumit aka Hussain was introduced yet again with great style and splendour. With Kumkum’s entry focused next week, the fans of the show are surely enjoying the new phase yet again, to experience the charming chemistry of Sumit-Kumkum... we can't wait to see what happens!Saath Saath Banayenge Ek Aashiyaan: This new serial has certainly sparked the interest of the viewers! With the entry of some of the characters, we can definitely see that it has a promising start... now, viewers await the entry of the female leads. When will sparks fly between the brothers and the other characters? We will have to wait and see!Yeh Hai Jalwa: And... BAM! This new dance reality show has surely captured the attention of the new viewers - with a new concept and the chance for viewers to see their favourite stars dancing to the steps of music, 9x's newest show Yeh Hai Jalwa is surely to do very well in the forthcoming future. We've got our stars forming 9 different groups with today's average people, getting ready to show their talent.. and we can't wait for the show to progress!

Thumbs Down

Kayamath: It’s a disappointing week yet again for Milind-Prachi fans. Milind suffering from partial amnesia, and Ayesha taking unduly advantage of the situation and now going to marry him, is surely a no-no for the audiences. And to top it, Neev knowing the truth and agree to divorcing Ayesha - why break the pair when they were made, and why make the pair when it has to be broken? We cannot get this answer properly from the creatives... please do tell us soon!Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi: The entire week, we witnessed Tripti getting trapped only to be escaped. Putting fire to the farm house of Viranis and her getting hyper over the things is an old age formula. Also, Nandini’s constant attempt of getting separated from Karan didn't do well either... Tanya getting caught red-handed by Nandini, will catch the viewers attention next week, lined up with Karan-Nandini marriage, but for this week, it was disappointing... let's see what happens!

Amber Dhara: The show that started off with two conjointed sisters is slowly turning into the one of two unconjointed sisters... Amber does not want to be with Dhara anymore! What is going on here? Though the suspence is continuing to grow, it is definitely disheartening to see the two sisters arguing with each other. Let us hope that Akshat, Kunal, and their mother will be able to do something soon.Maayka - Saath Zindagi Bhar Ka: Soni is not standing up for herself, and keeps taking up for Cherry and Durga. She still hasn't told Veer about her past relationship with Jeet, and it seems like she is digging an even bigger hole for herself... Veer doesn't realise in the jewellery shop that there could be more than one "Mrs. Khurana", and thinks it is Soni and has even started to suspect her. On top of all of this, Mahi cannot decide if the lady who is following her is her mother or not... what is going on here? Please, let the creatives knock some sense into some of these characters!Santaan: Unfortunately, only confusion is increasing for this show... Namrata, due to some misunderstanding, marries Karthik's twin brother... but the two brothers don't even know that they're twins! The misunderstanding is continuing to grow and so is the confusion... let's hope for a better week!

Authors: Resham, Meera, Ammu

Note: The views expressed are solely of the author. For any information, please contact the author.

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Comments (20)

With its threadbare run of the mill storylines & never ending sagas revolving around the same jodis,Kyunki definitely deserves a thumbs down.The show stinks :-(

15 years ago

I totally agree with Kayamath, the only good part of it is Jay, and now hes leaveing too : (
Soni, Come on G your Punjabi BUCK UP! Do Somthing about Durga and Cheery ( but i must say props to Cherry, she smart : P )
AHAH : )

15 years ago

ewwwwwwwwww,,,,,,,,KUM KUM.......from no where....its so stupid...they r sooo old and they hace a rebirth..ewww...they SUCK...cant even act like a 20 years old

15 years ago

KIT rocks it deserves a thumbs up!!!!!!!!!

15 years ago

kumkum again got a thumbs up!!
thats gr8....
well it always deserve...

15 years ago

kucch is tara and yeh hai jalwa rocks.......

15 years ago

thanks! Kuch is Tara is the best show on tv right now! Ranbir/akash rocks!

15 years ago

KIT deserves to be thumbs up just For Akashdeeps comic genious as Ranbir Nanda. His cold heart is definately melting away and He has finally gone to his sasural.

Kayamath needs to be put out of its misery and same with KSBKBT. Or change the track so that Eklavya can come back.

15 years ago

yep they have to knock some sense into that soni
and mahi too a little lol

15 years ago

heyyyyy Kumkum again thumbs up..... I knew it deserved it.

15 years ago

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