Theres a woman behind every successful man...

The saying goes, behind every successful man, there is a woman...

The saying goes, behind every successful man, there is a woman.

Tinsel town is home to several who stand true to the age old words. Its another matter, that for count few, the woman may not necessarily be the wife. Women power nonetheless, is women power, whatever its garb!

BollyCurry brings you some spring to mind examples of the adage, on the occasion of International Women's Day:

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Chibber Khan:

We say a movie ought to be filmed over the love life of this duo. Coming from different religions, the duo has gone through its share of drama and parental opposition as far as the matrimonial alliance was concerned. Eventually the families, especially Gauri's in this case, who were in utmost discontent about the Hindu-Muslim wedding, had to give up in front of their persistent love. SRK, after working on television for a while, entered Bollywood at the age of 25, and post his marriage with adolescent age love Gauri Chibber, experienced his initial hits. In this journey of success, his wife has stood by him like a pillar strength as he rose to fme step by step. She was there for him during is struggle period in Bollywood. In due time she gave SRK his two little angels Aryan and Suhana. Being a star wife and a producer of recent, Gauri manages Mannat very well.

Hrithik Roshan and Suzzane Khan Roshan

Another great love story happened when blue eyed Hrithik saw Suzanne Khan across a traffic light and cupid struck an arrow. Yes, it was indeed the dreamy, fiction like, love at first sight for Bollywood's golden boy! As for Suzzane, her side varies ever so slightly.  Hrithik and she knew each other from the childhood days but love didn't happened until she came back from UK.

After her return, she happened to bump into Hrithikn quite often and the two became best mates (we know now, for Hrithik it was definitely more!). The feeling remained unnamed until Hrithik proposed Suzzane in the most romantic way. The journey started and Suzzane stood by Hrithik through his initial Bollywood phase. Very few people know that Suzzane played a very important role in making Kaho Na Pyaar Hai a success. She was there supporting Hrithik while her own work took a backseat for 3 long months. Her only anxiety revolved around the movie and doing since Hrithik worked his bones off for the debut venture which was ultimately a huge launchpad for him! She paid a visit to Shirdi, not directly affiliated to the religion although, to pray for him. The lady luck certainly worked for Hrithik and he became star overnight.

Arjun Rampal and Mehr Rampal:

This hot duo got married in 1997, way before Arjun's debut release Moksha. As we all know the film, like a few others among his initial projects, didn't fair too well at box office. But Mehr was there for Arjun to support him throughout that low phase. Pyaar Ishq aur Mohabbat, did decently well but his real stardom was a result of the more recent Rock On, and from the initial stepping stones to this peaking stage, Mehr was the ideal woman by his side.

Ajay Devgan and Kajol Devgan:

Kajol, the vibrant career oriented girl surprised everyone, especially critics who tagged her arrogant, when her profession took a backseat after tying the knot with fellow Bollywod star Ajay Devgan on 24th February 1999. Ajay was fair actor by that time but undoubtedly Kajol was bigger. With many speculating this match,  between the then uppity lass and the grounded average hero, post 11 years of marriage, the bond has not only remained, but happily ever so!  Ajay built stronger professional binds, and when Kajol made a comeback with Fanna, everything was in perfect order. The two have been an ideal couple taking turns to let each grown personally and professionally, without holding restrains.

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Kumar:

Akshay Kumar, widely known for his 'casanova' image tie knot with Twinkle Khanna on 17th January 2001. There was a lingering spell of his playboy attitude, but eventually the duo came clear. Post his wedding, Akshay gathered many hits, even super hits. 2009 was not his best year in many ways, but the couple blessed with junior khiladi Aarav, has stood steady.  Through thick and thin, this jodi is avowed to stand by each other!

Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwariya Bachchan:

Junior Bachchan, aged 24, entered the industry with Refugee. His career has seen its highs and lows, but Abhi is a true family man. After a broken engagement with Karishma Kapoor, he may have been heartbroken; while the affairs with Salman and Vivek may have left Aish feeling bitter. But with the coming together of these two tinsel town biggies, destinies changed for both. Sure, one could call Aishwarya's advent to the Bachchan home one that has brought only luck!

Their respective careers have been on a consistent rise, and the family is a near complete picture ... awaiting perhaps, only a worthy heir! Among Bollywood's most illustrious , diplomatic and media attracting couple, the younger Bachchans are a sight for keeps!

Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Leela Bhansali:

Here is our unique case. Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, whose middle name belongs to his mother as a tribute to the sacrifices she made for him. Mrs. Leela Bhansali has supported her throughout saying "Dreams are yours and nightmares are mine". She has played a magnanimous role and one of utterly severe living conditions to raise her son to his current stature. A successful director loaded with fame, money, popularity, and all that success brings along. Even today, for Sanjay his mother comes the first, upon receiving awards his common statement has been, "Mere pass maa hai" !

Imran Khan and Avantika Malik:

Imran Khan and Avantika Malik have been together for nine years and only recently got engaged. Their relationship dates back to much before Imraan's mega debut with Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. When JTYJN set to release, Avantika was there for him to give him the assurance he needed at that time. The couple, only bethroed at the moment are like any married couple may have been for many years.

The megastar Amitabh Bachchan married Jaya in 1973 in bengali rites. After the wedding, as per the Bachchan tradition, Jaya had to quit acting and fulfill all her duties as a wife and as a daughter in law. Jaya fulfilled the needs with earnest devotion. After the birth of Abhishek and Shweta, Jaya brought them up with true values and morals of their family. Jaya Bachchan is truly an Indian Woman, who placed family and its priorities over and above all else - a primary reason thereby for Amitabh's continued fame and success.

Author: Zoah and Parm

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