Theeki mirchi for Karan Mehra..

Karan Mehra takes a bite of 'Mirchi' to get the right feel to a scene in Sony's Hum Ladkiyaan...

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Karan Mehra and Urmila Tiwari recently shot for a scene in Sony's Hum Ladkiyaan wherein they are having a golgappa eating competition.

Ajju aka Urmila explains the scene to us, "Ajju is on the road and is in real bad mood when Yuvraj (Karan Mehra) spots her. He requests her to come with him to have coffee, but she insists on eating golgappa, and this is when the scene was captured".

However, Karan somehow could not get the feel of the scene as the golgappas were not 'Theeka' enough!! Wondering what Karan did? Well, let us ask the actor himself!!

"Since I could not get the right expression while eating golgappas, I went and had a mirchi first, and then decided to eat golgappa for the sequence. This gave the scene more of the feel I wanted", explains the dutiful actor, Karan.

A kick-off from Rab Ne Banadi Jodi, this golgappa sequence will indeed leave many hungry!!

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Rachana Trivedi


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SamLuvsSaRun 11 years ago Oh gr8...Like him..Lukin forward to Ajju n Yuvraj story
mayurmaaneet 11 years ago hanx.. omg i soo want a gol guppa now.. already.. lol..hehe cant wait for da scene
nightwalker 11 years ago pls guys! why are we acting like we were born yesterday or tv was invented a year back or something. i am sorry to say but i have seen numerous gol-gapa scene. what more can hapen than this business tycoon comes down to the steert ka golgappa wala and cant take the teekha golgappas whereas ajju right next to him is enjoying the same golgappas to the core. and he is will be like some guy who has never had street food! oh yaa how can i forget - his eyes will start watering. comon yaar! HL - pls come with some fresher and new scenes, i am bored with this kind of romance
AreYaar 11 years ago He''s a really good actor! I''ve liked him since Viruddh! I might start watching this show for him....

Thanks for the article!
swathzie 11 years ago thanks....ajju -yuvi rock the show...i''m sure the scen e will be awesome
*Shruti* 11 years ago Golgappa is my fav hehe. Looking forward to the episode!!
rosewood104 11 years ago awww man i luv golgappassssssss.................
jassie_17 11 years ago omg...i can''t wait to see this scene!!!!

The series is getting real interesting now!!!!
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