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The Year Ahead for your Favorite Stars...

Check what is in store for your favorite telly stars in the year 2008, as the renowned tarot card reader, Dr. Soniyaa P. Bhaagiyaa predicts their future...

Published: Friday,Dec 28, 2007 22:35 PM GMT-07:00
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The year 2007 saw many ups and downs in the television industry, from many new faces getting introduced, to a non-stop dose of reality shows, and not to forget, the controversies tagged to them.

Now as we eagerly await the arrival of the year 2008, one wonders what is in store for the actors of Telly Industry... Who are the actors to rule the Television Industry in the coming year? Will there be any changes to the current trend? With many popular Telly actors aspiring to make it big in Bollywood, what does the future indicate for them?

Well, to know all the answers, we caught up with Dr. Soniyaa P. Bhaagiyaa to know the prediction for the year 2008.

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Talking of Dr. Soniyaa P. Bhaagiyaa, she is an Integrated Therapist based in Mumbai who runs her clinic at the heart of suburbs at Oshiwara in Andheri. She is into hypnotherapy, Tarot card reading, past life regression, past life therapy, foreign energy management, crystal healing, aura healing chakra guidance, Vows and oath clearance. She also conducts variety of workshops namely on angel guide contact, Tea leaf predictions, Karma Management, memory recall and stress management. Her website address is

So here is the renowned Dr. Soniyaa predicting the future of popular stars of TV Industry via Tarot Card reading and we are sure the stars themselves would love to read it as much as our regular readers.

Hiten Tejwani and Gauri Tejwani

How will the career be for Hiten and Gauri in 2008?

For Hiten, it is a mixed year. He will be in a situation in which he will need help, but will also provide help to others. He should be careful about his health and habits this year. For Gauri, overall it will be a mixed year. Mid of the year will be better. She should delegate her responsibilities, as that will help her future.

Gauri has always been paired with Hiten. Will she sign any project where she is paired with any other actor?

Yes, she will take projects opposite other actors also.

Can we see Hiten and Gauri in any other avatar other than actors?

The chances are fifty fifty. It may or may not happen. If they do so, they should be careful.


Ram Kapoor and Gautami

Will they do any projects together?

Yes, there are bright chances that they will act together.

Can we see Ram Kapoor in Bollywood?

There are chances, but not very bright.

Will Gautami continue as Tulsi in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi or take up any new project?

She will continue as Tulsi. In future, she will take up more projects, but right now she will continue with Kyunki Saas Bhi….


Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda

How will the New Year be for the couple?

The New Year will be good for them. They will be able to create comfort in their career and personal life, and this will lead to new destinations in their life. Destiny is in their favour.

Can we see their wedding in the coming year?

Chances are lean. They really need to handle the situation patiently.


Know what is in 2008 for the hot and happening stars of the industry:

Will he succeed as a Bollywood actor?

He would succeed in Bollywood. But he needs to be careful in sustaining the success.

Can his fans see him back on television?

He would be doing television in future.


Will he sign for any other production house other than Balaji?

Yes, and he will be happy too.

Will he participate in any reality shows and will he host any shows?

Yes, he will participate in a reality show, and will anchor too; will manage it successfully.


How will the year 2008 be for her?

Over all the year will be good. She might go for a new adventure, and she is expected to get involved in it emotionally also in the first half of 2008. There may be emotional disappointment also and at that time, she should look around for support. Overall, it will be a good year.

Will she sign more projects other than Kumkum?

Yes, she is going to take up new project/s.

Will she get into a relationship in 2008?

Yes, she will get into a relationship. It will be a stable one. This time her expectations will be fulfilled as her wish card has come as the answer to the question.

Friends, this is not all, there is more to come... Stay tuned to Telly Buzz to know the prediction for your favorite stars!!

Special Thanks to: Dr. Soniyaa P. Bhaagiyaa

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surakshita 15 years ago
Thanks for the article

Wishing Juhi and all, all the best for the new year and years to come.

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xsimzxchickx 15 years ago eijooo needs to cum bk wid him TV is dryyy!
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adoremevirgo 15 years ago nice article.......any prediction for smriti irani?
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glittering eyes
glittering eyes 15 years ago Hiten & Gauri are a sweet and lovable couple.I wish them all the best for the new year ahead...
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-tanya- 15 years ago hope their dreams come true!GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!
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Daebak 15 years ago Hey can we plzz have predictions for Rajeev Khandelwal............plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
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moon.beam 15 years ago ha ha ha ......full of probablities...... I think I can also give predictions like this....;)

Anyways bestofluck to everybody esp to soniyaa
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griffy.fz 15 years ago wow!
thanxx guys i'll wiat 4 the next one!
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Fazila~ 15 years ago how do i contact Dr. Soniyaa P. Bhaagiyaa?// this is cool
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shareen 15 years ago Nice article.I wud love to read about rajeev-aamna.
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