The Year Ahead for your Favorite Stars - Part 2

Check what is in store for your favorite telly stars in the year 2008, as the renowned tarot card reader, Dr. Soniyaa P. Bhaagiyaa predicts their future...

As we draw closer to the New Year eve, it is time to present the second series of predictions for 2008, and hope you all had fun reading the first part of the predictions for 2008 by Dr. Soniyaa P. Bhaagiyaa featuring the three Jodi’s Hiten-Gauri, Ram-Gautami, Amir-Sanjeeda along with the 3 stars, Juhi Parmar, Eijaz Khan and Ronit Roy. So, keep reading to know what is in room for the aspiring television stars in Bollywood and who will make it to the top this year.

Rajeev Khandelwal

Will he succeed as a Bollywood actor?

Bright chances are there. Out of 100%, 60% is the possibility of success. He has to really strive hard to get the kind of success he is looking out for. Hard work wil eventually pay.

Can his fans see him back on television?

He will surely be doing television. But, he won't get the kind of success he got once upon a time.


Iqbal Khan
How will the year 2008 be for him?

It would be a good year. There would be a new beginning as per his hopes and expectations. He is emotionally ready for new projects. There is a strong female factor influence in 2008 in his life.

Will he sign any big project in the forth coming year?

Yes, he will sign a big project and it will be a fulfilling one. He will get desired success, name and fame.

Will he work for Balaji Telefilms again?

The answer is yes, but the outcome is dicey.


Prachi Desai

How will be 2008 for her?

Not very exciting. There are few disappointments. She should be careful of her surroundings, moon will be influencing this year. She should be careful of people with whom she associates herself as friends. Hard working year, over all which may prove fruitful in 2009.

How successful will she be in Bollywood?

The chances are lean. If she handles her career patiently with love and peace, then she may overcome the up’s and down she is going to see in her filmi career.


Ekta Kapoor

Will she get into the relationship of marriage?

Bright chances are there.

Will there be any tough competition she will have to face in Tellywood?

Yes, there will be tough competition. Advise along with the card has come that she should be careful about the people she associates with with regards to new projects. She will eventually overcome competition and maintain her success.

How will her career be as a film producer?

It will be very good.

Sharad Malhotra

How long will he be part of Banoo Mai Teri Dulhann?

He will be a part of it for some time only. If he can balance himself emotionally, he will sustain longer. He should go for past life regression for personal and professional life improvement. This advise has come through past life card. He is going through some disturbance inside, and if he balances his emotions, the situation of his present life which has connection to his past life will be solved.


Anuj Saxena

What are his acting career prospects in 2008?

Good. He might see better success and fame in 2008.

How his production house Maverick will do?

Overall OK. He needs to work hard towards his production house. It will be a mixed year of high’s and low’s and by year end his hard work might pay off and pave way for better 2009.

Will he get married again?

Chances are lean. Now he is very particular as per his past experiences and he doesn’t want to take a risk in his life and has left things in the hands of destiny as he is evolving emotionally and spiritually also. He is quite confused emotionally and doesn’t know what to select in his life now personally as well as professionally for a better or content future.


Friends, there is more to come in the third and last edition which will feature more stars and some interesting predictions about the upcoming new channels. So, do not forget to keep a check onTelly Buzz to know all the latest happenings in the world of television.

Thanks to : Dr. Soniyaa P. Bhaagiyaa

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this looks great to me.......thanks to you'll

16 years ago

Happy to read about Dr Anuj Saxena

WE Anujfans wish him best of Luck and all the success as an actor, producer & Businessman & restauranter

Mala Shetty

16 years ago

hmm interesting. thanks for that =]

16 years ago

I would like to know about how the coming year would be for Apurva Agnihotri, Karan Grover of 'Meri Awaaz Ko Mil Gayi Roshni' and Mona Singh of 'Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin'. Eagerly waiting for the next set of predictions :)

16 years ago

cant wiat 4 next one
thanxx guys

16 years ago

thnx........can we hope to see priya ashok batija (frm khwahish), or yasir shah, or neha bamb!! perhaps even vidya frm dulhann

16 years ago

Rajeev will be 100% sucessful in bollywood and tellywood he already is and always will be :)

thanks for sharing.

16 years ago

I am sure rajeev will get 100% success..i dont agree with his assesment!

16 years ago

awww 2008 wont be good for prachi :( well i wish her all the best in the new year anyway and atleast 2007 was awesome :)

16 years ago

I wish Rajeev will get 100% sucess.........

16 years ago

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