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The Ultimate Shocker in Yeh Hai Jalwa

Amidst some mind-blowing performances this week from one and all, we see a big name getting eliminated from Yeh Hai Jalwa...

Published: Friday,May 09, 2008 15:13 PM GMT-06:00
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This week’s episode of Vodafone Yeh Hai Jalwa on 9X has a huge surprise in store for all its viewers. While the celebrity guest has the girls swooning, the elimination causes a huge furor and comes as a shock to all.

Bollywood reigned supreme on this week’s episode of Yeh Hai Jalwa. Celebrity judge Ravi Kisen made a grand entry dancing to some of his hit Bhojpuri numbers. However, the highlight of the episode was the mind-blowing performance given by celebrity Emraan Hashmi on Zaraa Sa from his upcoming movie, Jannat. The themes for the contestants varied from comedy to love to horror to social issues. The participants portrayed every hue and color of their theme with élan. While Shweta Tiwari’s Bahu Ki Behnein danced with comedy as their theme and proved once again that they are no less than anyone else, Hussein’s Kal Ke Kalakaar performed on the theme of horror, managing to give a fright to the guests and judges. Ronit Roy’s Bindaas Bosses paid a tribute to the freedom fighters whereas Sharad Malhotra and his Toofani Toli paid homage to love and romance.

However, the performance to watch out for happens to be Rakhi Sawant's, as she with her bundle of young talents performed on the theme of child abuse, leaving everyone in tears.

Well, coming to the crucial part of this week’s elimination, this week saw the elimination of Sharad Malhotra and his Toofani Toli amidst a shell-shocked expression coming from all. Although Sharad’s performances were mind blowing, he constantly received flak from the judges finally resulting in his ouster. Ronit Roy's Bindaas Bosses received the maximum number of votes while Hussein and his Kal Ke Kalakaar found themselves in the bottom two, in spite of the breathtaking performances last week.

As the finale looms closer, it awaits to be seen who will be shown the door next week and who will make it to the top three.

Author: Melanie

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maryam @Audrey.h. 15 years ago well if she would stop showing so much skin in films she might get some respect people judge u by how u project urself onscreen
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Ahmed @Too_Much 15 years ago Yaar in todays society some males are acting like beast... not only actress they dont respect any one
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blaaah @heaven002x 15 years ago shweta or rnoit shud have been out judging by last week's performance!
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Marya @Mazzy101 15 years ago Hey thats not fair!!!!! sharad is soo good!!!! he did not deserve to be eliminated!! i dont like raki! he is soo much better than her! and ronit is k!
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Hanaa naaz
hanaa @Hanaa naaz 15 years ago since sharad is out wont like to see silly show any more. n u sharad were gr8 we will love u . sorry to say this but i dont like raki and ronit roy i find them strange,
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Blank @pollydolly 15 years ago It's my last hope, Sharad better be back, or else his fans are gonna stop watching this show!
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neka @neka 15 years ago watching the show b/c of sharad also watch rakhi since sharad is no longer there I don't have any interest in the show.Those remaining are seen in all reality shows nothing is new
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Tamana @SuKk_forever 15 years ago Aww...I feel bad for Sharad..he was actually a good dancer:(..and wonder why ppl picked on him mostly
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sita @sitakshii 15 years ago i hate this show now!!

i was watching this show only for my fav sharad !!!!

i am feeling terrible after his exit!!
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Sumesh @sumesh 15 years ago rakhi is jsut awesome...always try to be versatile & bring new things...she just roxxx...

way to go rakhiiiiiiiiiiiii...U really deserve to win...becoz all ur performances were best!!!
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