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The left side of my brain was filled with blood: Hrithik Roshan

In an interview with Hrithik Roshan speaks about his movie Bang Bang, his complicated surgery, and how life has changed post all his problems

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The Greek God, actor par excellence, looks that can kill and to die for too, in an interview with Hrithik Roshan speaks about his movie Bang Bang, his complicated surgery, and how life has changed post all his problems.

Tell us something about Bang Bang.

The germ of Bang Bang is from the Hollywood film Knight and Day. I had seen the film on a flight and while I was watching the film I felt that it has something that it could be made into a Hindi film. One month after that Sid called me and said that he wants to make a remake of Knight and Day. It felt like destiny. I told him yes on the phone, but I said I will sign the film only after reading the script. We worked on the script for 7 months and then eventually started working on it. When you watch the film, if you don't know about Knight and Day, you would never know it is a remake. That is how much we have Indianized it.

Was Bang Bang more difficult as compared to your other films?

Yes, but it was also the easiest film of mine. (Laughs) 

Tell us about your character.

I play the character of Rajveer in the film. Usually before any film I usually lock myself in a room and prepare to get into my character, so this time as well I thought I would have to do the same thing. When I locked myself up, opened the script, I realized that Rajveer is exactly me, there was nothing to prep. I hope you like Rajveer, because he will be exactly like me. (Laughs)

What would you say about the comparisons with Tom Cruise in Knight and Day?

It is impossible to compare, because I believe in individuality. Tom Cruise will interpret a particular line in one way, because of the experiences in his life and I will in a different manner because of the same reason. I have interpreted the character in my own way and would do something he has done just because he is Tom Cruise.

What was the most challenging thing while shooting Bang Bang?

The most challenging thing while shooting Bang Bang was to get the blood out of my brain. I had a flight to catch in 8 hours, I was on the treadmill and I felt something is wrong, my hands and legs, my coordination, I was not feeling well. My handwriting was not right; it was becoming difficult to write. I called my doctor, he said let's get one more scan done; in the result my entire left side was filled with blood, the brain had shifted to the right. I said I had to fly in 8 hours, and the doctor said, 'ok, you fly, you die', I said, 'ok, I am not going to fly, so what do we do next?' I researched about the problem and educated myself completely. I was singing on the operation table and I could see the blood spurt out of my head. I was conscious all the time, I had to be.

Do you have any Hollywood projects in hand?

Yes, I have been reading scripts; I have 6 scripts in hand, but nothing that has really materialized as yet.

Does your personal problem affect you as an actor?

When I look back all those moments were moments of strength. Because I channelized my problems productively, so it has become my strength. It does affect me as an actor but it is only for the good.

On that note we wish Hrithik Roshan all the best for Bang Bang and may he continue to charm the audience like always.

Anita Menon


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