'The Judges can save the best talent from going out' - Pritam

Pritam, one of the Judges of Star Voice of India Chote Ustaad talks about the voting format of the show and his experience judging the kids..

Star Voice of India Chote Ustaad has gained appreciation for its voting format, as this is the one reality show that gives emphasis to both the judge’s decision as well as public voting. Studded with talented kids and 3 'Gems' from the Music Industry as Judges, the reality show is sure to make a mark as it surges ahead...

We talk to one of the Judges, Pritam, the Music Director who has given many hit scores for the films like Gangster, Dhoom2, Life in Metro and the recent hit Bhool Bhulaiyaa. Having got an early training from his father who runs a music school for children, Pritam joined few Bangla bands adding few cassettes to his credit. He has also taken formal course in Sound Recording and engineering from the Film and Television institute from Pune.

How is it to judge Voice of India Chote Ustaad?

It is very good, the kids are really great. All the 12 kids are really talented and bright, and I can very well foresee atleast 2-3 kids getting into playback singing in the near future.

Why did you choose to judge this very reality show?

I had got many offers from other top channels, but VOI Chote Ustaad appealed to me the most, because the voting pattern in this show gives no room for the judges to feel insecure.

Tell us more about this Voting pattern?

The biggest scoring point of this reality show is that, the judges here have the capacity to hold back a talent from a near to probable elimination. If the judges see a talented kid in the 'Scaryland' which is the Danger Zone, then they can bring the kid back into contention, into the 'Fairyland'. So for a change, it is nice to know that the judges will not come across as dumb people without any voice, and that the ultimate result will surely tilt towards the deserving candidate.

What is your take on public votes given prominence in other shows?

Yes, it is often seen that public voting does not bring the best talent to the forefront; regional voting always gains prominence over talent. This usually leaves the contestants frustrated, and this is does not give a nice feeling.

How is Aabhas as an anchor?

He has started off well, he has the right energy needed to host a show, he spreads positive vibes all around, and I am sure he will grow from strength to strength.

What are the aspects that you will be looking for, in the performances of the kids?

Basically, I will look for the singing ability in them. Since this is a kids' show, I will not give importance to the X-factor and voice modulations, as the voice tends to change as the kids grow. We will be on a lookout for a probable star in the making, and this platform will give the kids an opportunity to polish their skills.

Do you think that with such reality shows, the kids are thrown into a competitive environment way too early in age, that they find it tough to handle success and failure?

Since this a kids' show, winning and losing should not be the main criteria. This is where the parents play a big role. They should motivate their kids to have fun, work hard and give it their best shot. Even if they do not see success, the parents should give the kids the confidence to face defeat and move ahead, so that they will get a feel of success too later on. I personally feel that the talent hunt shows for kids is a good thought because it is always easier to mould the skills of kids rather than elders.

How is it to share the Hot Seat with Shreya and Kunal?

It is very good; we all have lot of fun. Shreya and Kunal actually sing in the same wavelength as I do, so we have a good understanding as far as results are concerned. Touchwood, we do not have ego issues, so we actually make for a perfect combination. While Kunal is a very stern human being, Shreya is very caring. We help out each other and all is enjoyable as of now.

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Anu.Rad

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This is the best show ever..all the kid's are talented and the most important thing is the formatting....Gajji brought back judge's power.....wow!

16 years ago

implementation is like having a ice cream in hot summer and without letting a single drop of cream falling...Good Luck

16 years ago

I think - this J + J format is one of the best... I just hope that this is utilized properly and the actual talent does remain in the show till the end....

So far, Shreya and Kunal have rocked as judges... Hope to see Pritam improve too...

16 years ago

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