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The D-day gets closer now for Vivan Bhatena..

Vivan Bhatena is all set to take 'Saath Phere' with his long time girl friend in the month of March.

Published: Thursday,Feb 21, 2008 16:36 PM GMT-07:00
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March seems to be the month of ‘Weddings’ in Telly world! As Indraneil Sengupta and Barkha Bisht get ready to tie the knot on March 1st, the next ‘Dulha’ to get into blissful marriage is the dashing Vivan Bhatena.

Vivan Bhatena who has been on a career-high after getting engaged to longtime girl friend Nikhila Palat is very much excited as the D-day gets closer. The couple are to take ‘Saath Phere’ on March 27th. We caught up with Vivan to know more on his wedding preparations. “I only know that the wedding has been fixed for 27th of March. Other than that, I have had no time at all for shop for myself and get involved in the preparations. I really do not know what is happening, as I am so into my hectic shooting schedule”, says the actor.

Well, we only wish that Vivan takes time out of his hectic schedule and enjoys his last phase of bachelor days to the core!!

Reporter : Ranjini Nair
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Chippeshwini 15 years ago my views...

Super hits of the year
1) Om Shanti Om- haven't seen
2) Chak De India- Great movie... very motivational, just loved it
3) Partner- unappealing... but only cuz I found it waaay too commercial.. and didn't really have a whole lot of substance
4) Guru- Comes second in my list... one of the best movies I've ever seen. Abhishek's best I believe
5) Hey Baby- Did not like it... found it pathetic (especially the ending)
6) Bhool Bhulaiya- my number 1!!! AWESOME flick... acting was just on the mark.. and loved everything about it... lovely direction by Priyadarshan

Hits of the year
1) Jab We Met- haven't seen
2) Bheja Fry- Heck ya :D Amazing movie... Vinay Pathak was soo awesome
3) Dhamaal- Didn't like
4) Aap ka Suroor- Didn't watch
5) Shoot Out at Lokhandwala- Okay okay... theek thaak
6) Cheeni Kum- theek... was alryt
7) Life In a Metro- My favorite movie of the year... and I can't even relate to the stories yet lol.. but just loved the movie
8) Ta Ra Rum Pum- Hated it

Flops Of the year

1) Saawariya- Haven't seen
2) Salaam-e-Ishq: sweet movie.. but waaaay to messy.Really lacked some stuff...
3) Eklavya- Was pretty nice. I really liked Saif's work... not a very prominent movie, however
4) RGV ki Aag- Didn't see
5) Jhoom Barabar Jhoom- first movie that I ever gave up on. The beginning itself put me off
6) Cash- didn't see
7) No Smoking- didn't see
8) Aaja Nachle- nahin dekha
9) Johny Gaddar- parents said it was good... haven't seen it myself though
10) Laaga Chunari Mein Daag- brave attempt... did not like the way it went though.. but i loved Konkona :)
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priyapiya 15 years ago My Superhit or hits of the year is:
1)Om Shanti Om
2)Aaja Nachle
3)Shoot Out at Lokhandwala
5)Aaja Nachle
6)Chak De India
7)Jab We Met
10)Laaga Chunari Mein Daag

By the way how did AAJA NACHLe, SAAWARIYA AND LAAGA CHUNARI MEIN DAAG came on the flop section??
I thought it was a hit movie and wasn't TA RA TUM PUM a flop movie?? although i liked it.....hehehe.....
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shilpichaudhry 15 years ago movies would be
Chak de India
Aaja Nachle
Jab we met
Cheeni KUm
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-shehzaadi- 15 years ago my views are a little different...

1) Om Shanti Om - PATHETIC. cheap rip-off of karz with some inspiration from phantom of the opera, also john jaani janardhan...basically nothing new and very predictable movie. plus horrible exaggeration, disgusting costumes, and farah khan got her decades mixed up big time. however, there were some entertaining (yet utterly stupid) scenes.
2) Chak De India - amazing, entertaining, nicely done
3) Partner - ok. funny but kind of wierd
4) Guru - good but not my type
5) Hey Baby - nice story but many unnecessary scenes
6) Bhool Bhulaiya - BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR :D...simply amazing...toooo good. everyone's acting was perfect. i loved it :)

1) Jab We Met - enjoyed it. very funny and interesting and kind of different
2) Bheja Fry - never heard of it so cant really comment
3) Dhamaal - funny. nice ending. i liked it. not wow enough to be super hit but good, so its in the right place.
4) Aap ka Suroor - tried watching it but i just left the room and logged on to IF instead :P...boring.
5) Shoot Out at Lokhandwala - nice, very intense. good serious movie that had a point to it.
6) Cheeni Kum - havent seen it
7) Life In a Metro - havent seen it
8) Ta Ra Rum Pum - ok. nice but kinda ghisa pita typical stuff. but still nice to watch.


1) Saawariya - nice movie with bad ending. amazing songs. atleast they gave credit to their inspiration. not bad enough to be flop.
2) Salaam-e-Ishq - first time in my life that i ever literally fell asleep watching a bollywood movie. MAHAFLOP
3) Eklavya - i liked it but i can tell why others didnt like it
4) RGV ki Aag - thank god it was a flop. it makes me believe a bit more in india's janta:P rgv had gone mad when he made this. didnt bother watching it cuz ...
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madhy 15 years ago OSO hands down..dt was da undoubtedly da best movie of da yr.. i jus cant stop watching it more nd more..
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.shona. 15 years ago OSO rocks!!!it deserves to be in no.1 :D
i m soo happy n very true article.Sawariya was worst movie for sure for me.And i m really very surprised with laga chunari n aja nachle bec they dont deserve to be in flop list!!!!:O:(:(
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brownies 15 years ago Akshay Kumar had a great year!!! I hope he wins best actor for either Bhool Bhulaiya or Hey Baby!

Unfortunately he'll probably lose to SRK.
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DB_reloaded 15 years ago OSO da worst movie Jab We MEt n Chakde Da GREatest>>>>
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Tomiko 15 years ago Partner annoyed me for some reason and I actually enjoyed SEI...
Other than that, completely agree with the article! =D
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flowertot 15 years ago I hve to say i am a little surprised that laaga chunariya mein daag is on the flop list ,I thought that was a good film along with ta ra rum pum,
chaak de india and jb we met ,looking forwards to welcome it looks funny just hope it won't let us down
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