The Bebo Love Triangle

If everything falls into place, we might just experience a movie based on the love life of Kareena Kapoor aka bebo...

Fans of Kareena jolt up and fasten yourselves as you may be a little startled to know that pretty soon we may have a movie titled The Secret Life of Kareena.

It is rumoured that Spectra Multimedia Films arelooking to produce the movie based on Bebo's life, more specifically the love triangle between ex-boyfriend Shahid, Bebo and Saif.  To avoid any controversy however, the protagonists have tentatively been re-named Karina, Saifee and Shaheed, with Shahid's character lightly based on that of hotheaded personality Salman Khan, encircling his alleged violent love stories with ex-girlfriends Somi and Ash.

Needless to say, the makers are finding it difficult to find actors to fill the shoes of the protagonists, as many are reluctant to miff Kareena.

If this film does make it to the big screen, cine-goers may witness scenes such as Shaheed cutting his wrist for Karina and the back story of why Kareena snubbed Soha Ali Khan.

If the movie does hit the theatres, the audience is in for a rough ride with scandolous love story and juicy gossip to enjoy with our popcorn.
Author: Tomiko

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