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Television Celebs Urge People to Not Copy Films Blindly!

From Ssharad Malhotra to Vijayendra Kumeria, these Television celebrities urged their fans to not copy films blindly...

Published: Wednesday,Nov 20, 2019 10:44 AM GMT-07:00
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Ssharad, Aastha, Sachin and Vijayendra

Shahid Kapoor’s Kabir Singh was a film about a jilted lover and his battle with himself and the world. The film was also touted to be regressive in terms of respect given to women, or the lack of it. Sometime after the film released, a film fan murdered a flight attendant. TV actors talk about how people connect their emotions to those of the character in the films and imitate them.

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Vijayendra Kumeria

Courtesy : Vijayendra Kumeria

Vijayendra Kumeria

I personally believe that different kinds of films should be made. Different subjects should be touched and experiments should be done. There is nothing wrong with making dark films or portraying flawed characters. Now, if we talk about people getting influenced then I believe that a negative or a criminal mind doesn’t need film to get influenced and commit a crime. 

I think the solution to this is that the actors, directors, and producers while promoting the films with such subjects should make it very clear that its fiction and people should just watch it for entertainment and should not try to be the flawed character in real life. Disclaimers are always there in every film but if while promoting the film on different platforms this thing is hammered again and again in the minds of people then I think it will help.

Shridhar Watsar

Courtesy : Shridhar Watsar

Shridhar Watsar: 

I don't think so. I totally disagree that this is because of the influence of the film Kabir Singh. God has given us senses to choose good or evil and we need to use this sense when we act.

Sachin Parikh

Courtesy : Sachin Parikh

Sachin Parikh: 

I pity those people who have this mental illness. Such crimes cannot be done by any stable mind and that too such heinous crimes like murder and rape. Today, we have various films coming on various subjects. Some of them are totally fictional and some are real. That does not mean that one should indulge in such criminal activities.

Aastha Chaudhary

Aastha Chaudhary: 

I knew when this film was released, it would influence people. I really liked Shahid Kapoor's work. It’s human tendency to learn bad things easily. Boys think that by slapping a girl or confessing your love forcefully to a girl, you will get her love, which is shown in the film. I always believe that media and films do influence people so I think they should abide by moral responsibility and should not show such things. It happens from television as well. People also say that it doesn't happen with Hollywood movies because the reach is less and a specific set of people watch them.

Mrunal Jain

Courtesy : Mrunal Jain

Mrunal Jain: 

Film is a make believe world. The audience knows that it is a film and they connect to the character too but taking onscreen characters as an inspiration to perform what they do in the film is not right. We all know that putting hand in the fire beyond few seconds will burn the hand so we won’t put the hand. So, films can't be blamed for this.

Ssharad Malhotra

Courtesy : Ssharad Malhotra

Ssharad Malhotra: 

Films are a source of entertainment. Audiences are intelligent enough to decide what to do in real life, Hollywood films are also accessible to us and have a huge audience but we don’t blame them for anything. Hollywood has violence and fights sequences and sex scenes shown openly but we don’t blame them for anything.

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