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Teacher's Day Special; When B-town icons turned teachers on screen

5 best portrayal of teachers...

Published: Wednesday,Sep 05, 2018 17:55 PM GMT-06:00
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Teachers have the most lasting impression on the mind of a child. Right from the manners to the psychology, teachers affect all aspects of a student's life. In Bollywood too, teachers are shown in the same light. Although with lots of added drama, teachers do make a moving impact.
Today on the occasion of Teachers day, we bring to you the best portrayal of teachers on silver screen. Right from Kabir Khan from Chak De India to Ram Shankar Nikumbh in Taare Zameen Par, these are the best picks from B-town till now. The charismatic characters of these teachers and the life lessons they give are all treasure worthy. We all wish we had teachers like these.

Kabir Khan - Chak De India

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In Chak De India, Kabir Khan's strong personality is something all teachers have. They never let their struggles show and keep fighting for the success of their students. When a child feels down and drained, their motivation makes them move mountains. Kabir Khan played by Shah Rukh Khan is an example of one of the best teachers anyone could ever have.

Ram Shankar NIkumbh - Taare Zameen Par

Aamir Khan's epic role of a teacher who turned a below average student into an artistic marvel, is still the best illustration of how teachers are. He went through every possible fight to make sure his student, Ishaan Awasthi, overcomes his dyslexia and proves to the world that he has a talent of his own.

Debraj from Black

Debraj, the character of a stubborn teacher, played by Amitabh Bachchan was an example of how teachers behave as stubborn as a child to make his life better sometimes. Since a teacher knows how deeply he can impact a child's life, he plays adamant till the child becomes willing to learn.

Rahul in Paathshaala

Rahul played by Shahid Kapoor also marks one of the most important trait of a teacher. Shahid Kapoor's character Rahul, taught his student how stand up for their rights. Teachers like are of utmost importance in a society like today. Rahul was praised by both the film makers and critics for the significance of his role.

Naina - Hichki

Rani Mukherji's character in Hichki was also a wonderful display of the integrity a teacher carries within. Suffering from tourettes syndrome herself, Rani Mukherji shows her students a way to success in-spite all odds. She taught them that if they have the will power to overcome their fears then no one will stand in their way of shooting for the stars.

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mehbeer09 4 years ago Hichki Naina's character , i loved her in the movie, she is a try example of how a teacher should be. she portrayed the character so well.
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