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Tanushree Warns Bollywood; Asks to Stay Away from Ganesh Acharya to Avoid Tarnishing One's Reputation!

Tanushree Dutta has taken a dig at Ganesh Acharya and allegedly spoke about the malicious acts. She also warned the film industry members to stop working with him...


Tanushree Dutta had sidelined herself after the court acquitted Nana Patekar and she decided to file a ‘protest petition’ before a metropolitan magistrate's court in Andheri. Now, Dutta has finally emerged with her views on Ganesh Acharya-Saroj Khan row. 

In a statement granted to IANS, the actress requested Bollywood and the other Indian film industries boycott choreographer Ganesh Acharya completely.

It's time Bollywood and the other Indian film industries boycott choreographer Ganesh Acharya completely. Hiding behind the male superstars who work with this despicable man, he has been abusing his power and position to harass, bully and take advantage of vulnerable newcomers in the industry.

- Tanushree Dutta

Dutta had also accused Acharya of being 'complacent' in her #metoo allegations against her 'Horn Ok Pleassss' co-star Nana Patekar. Now, she has once again returned with a full swing as she tried to raise her voice against Ganesh Acharya.

Even though Ganesh Acharya was party to all the harassment I faced on 'Horn OK Pleassss' set, he went on to spoil my name and reputation thereafter, the leading men and heroes of Bollywood continued to work with him and give him film after film.

- Tanushree Dutta

The former actress took a dig at Acharya and other industry members who continue to collaborate with the choreographer.

Tanushree appeal read: 

Nobody had any regard for me and how much I had suffered psychologically and financially because of the turmoil I went through because of these people. I left the industry because I was so scared and hurt over the atrocious treatment meted out to me on Horn Ok Please set.

Now, after all the information of fraud, non-payment of dues, sexual harassment of dancers, bullying, and intimidation, and even physical abuse of dancers is coming out about Ganesh Acharya in the media, if the actors, directors, and producers still work with him, it would mean that they themselves are engaging in such acts also.

- Tanushree Dutta

The 35-year-old also warned the film industry member to stop working with Acharya and mentioned that if they don't stay away from him, their own reputation will also be tarnished because many more youngsters will open up against him in the future.

Stay the hell away from Ganesh Acharya otherwise your own reputation will be joined to his character. I’m sure many more girls and boys will come out about his misbehavior and shady business, opening floodgates in the future.

- Tanushree Dutta

She further concluded by saying “Paap ka ghada bhar Gaya re tera, Ab toh chalak chalak ke teri kahaniya nikal Rahi hai (Your pot of sin is full, now your stories are coming out).”

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