Swarg's ultra long scene

Colors’ Swarg has an extra-long scene which will be aired for two days…

Rajan Shahi and Colors' Maat Pitaah Ke Charnon Mein Swarg have come up with a scene in their show which is so long that it will be aired in two episodes!

According to our source, "The TRPs of Swarg have been on a steady increase right since the time the focus has shifted towards the youth brigade. They wanted to make it more interesting and came up with this power-packed interaction between the father Satya(Yatin Karyekar), Arjun(Nikkhil Chaddha) and Shubh(Pracheen Chauhan). The scene is very intense and will be aired over two days that is tonight (10th November) with the remnant of the scene spilling to tomorrow night (11th November)."

Actor Nikkhil Chaddha who pulled a major feat by delivering a dialogue of around twenty pages says, "Every actor in his career comes to a point which will take him to the next level. I found this as mine and went on with it. I'm very happy that destiny was on my side and neither my voice nor my health gave away. It was very stressful with around six to seven retakes from different angles. But I gave it my 100% and I'm glad with results."

Nikkhil adds, "Rajan Sir personally congratulated me. Pracheen came up to my dressing room and said I was mind-blowing out there. I'm really encouraged by such positive feedback. I hope such scenes happen to me again."

Rajan Shahi the producer of the show says, "These two episodes will be very interesting as it will bring out the anti-hero into the open. War will be declared among the family members. All three actors Yatin, Nikkhil and Pracheen gave a fabulous performance especially Nikkhil."

The source adds, "This sequence will throw all the cards into the open and the reaction of Shubh and of Satya is worth watching out for."

This high voltage drama makes it loud and clear to the audience that the emergence of next big 'anti-hero' on Indian television has happened.

Reporters: Srividya Rajesh, Susan Jose
Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (6)

i think its lolita's entry to the family which brought many changes

14 years ago

need to watch these episode to know what was so special about them

14 years ago

de hav been showing the youth brigade since last 2 months but news of rise in TRP came only after LOLITA came in the house.. y dont de giv credit to my favourite actor. such hypocrits.. i like lolita,subh n nikhil

14 years ago

20 Pages! that must be difficult.
A job well done i must say.

14 years ago

Actually I was thinking the same...My sis watch colors and she visited home for 2 days and watch the show...Blv me the scene was Disaster...Pity how much Nikhil was giving his best, but Pracheen and Yatin acting is an "F" grade..."0" out of 10... Its look Rajan dont pay attention to Swarg Now!!!

Thanx for the article!!!

14 years ago

i watch da show daily.. i like arjun n lolita's scenes alot.. its like a war between two baddies.. both r awsome actors.. wonderful show..

14 years ago

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