Suresh Menon makes a Bakra of...

Champion Chaalbaaz No. 1 will see a twist in the tale this week. Instead of the celebrity being made the guinea pig, it's going to be other way round

Suresh Menon, the comedy actor and now host of the show Dard-e-Disco decides to change roles and play the prankster this week. Just when the show shooting of Dard-E-Disco was  scheduled to start, Suresh turns an angry man and walks out of the sets. The organizer of the show Kunal in turn gets a call from an angry Suresh saying he will not anchor the show. Reason – His full payment needs to be cleared immediately. Kunal pleads with him and tries his level best to make Suresh understand the importance of the situation. But Suresh was far from understanding and what followed was a full round of pleading, begging and persuading and finally a walk out by a disgusted and angry Suresh!! But finally Suresh on seeing his close friend on the verge of breaking down decided to break his silence.

On asking Suresh, he too confirmed the incident. "The channel approached me and asked whether I can play any prank on Kunal. At first I was not ready because he is a nice friend of mine. Also I thought why to disturb or play a prank while doing work, but later I agreed. I was supposed to get very angry on Kunal and refuse doing any show with him. He started inquiring about my sudden behavior and tried to convince me to carry on with the show. But I acted more angry and created a big scene," explained Suresh.

But the comedian actor even though makes viewers laugh, he personally does not like playing such pranks, especially on friends. "Frankly speaking, I hate doing pranks on others. I like to make people laugh, but don't trouble them by playing pranks. I personally never endorse myself on playing prank, instead I love to play pranks on myself," was the actor's candid reply. And what was the price he had to pay for the prank played? "I had to take him to dinner. Afterall, he is a nice friend of mine," was his reply.

Well, all we can say for Kunal is that it was truly a Dard-e-Disco experience. Do not miss to watch the full prank on Champion Chaalbaaaz No 1 this Saturday, February 2 at 10 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Barnali

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