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Suresh Menon : Main to hoon crazy...

The character here is that he does not say anything which is something very different from my own character because normally I speak a lot.

Published: Thursday,Mar 20, 2008 12:42 PM GMT-06:00
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Q. You are in Krazzy4, what is your character in the film?
A. The character here is that he does not say anything which is something very different from my own character because normally I speak a lot.

Q. Do you like the title "Simply Crazy" that is being given to you in the film?
A. Yeh, I like it very much and as long as the audiences likes it is good, they have seen me doing crazy things on television. You see I am a crazy person because who will leave a job in Times of India to join films, "Main to hoon crazy" .

Q. Tell us something about the film.
A. The story is very simple where four people who are friends are undergoing mental treatment and due to an incident they have to forget everything and try to control the situation. They think that
Suresh Menon : Main to hoon crazy...
the mentally challenged people should be out of their mental asylums and normal people like us should be put in there because they think normal people are crazy, this is the synopsis of the film. I don`t say that it is an out an out comedy film but everything has been done in a humorous way. So basically it is a sweet and simple movie. People will like it .

Q. How was Jaideep Sen on the sets?
A. He assisted Rakesh ji and many other good directors before. He holds a lot of experiences and there is no substitute to it. He shared a good relationship with all the actors as he captained the ship. Its his first film and it's a big thing for him as well as for me too. For Arshad, Irfan and Rajpal also it is big film but they are established, but for me, Jaideep and five of us it is a big one.

Q. How was the environment on the sets?
A. It was good, we used to laugh a lot with the killer timing of Irfan Khan and Rajpal Yadav who was always with full energy. It is necessary to have fun at work but ones the shot was ready we gave that proper shots without any problem. Irfan and I are the children of television and we used to discuss that television stars coming into films becomes superstars.

Q. How was it working with Juhi Chawla?
A. We all are fans of Juhi ji and it was nice working with her. She has not lost her bubbly charm which she had before. We used tease her saying that we will bring a red color bike a sing song for her like in Qyamat Se Qyamat Tak.

Q. You have always done so many good comedy in various film and shows, people have liked you so much for that, how does it feel?
A. It feels nice when you get appreciated by people for your work.

Q. If offered will you do any serious role in future?
A. I think I am good in comedy so I will stick to it. Right now I am not planning anything but I think I am better fitted in comedy. Like you have seen Sachin Tendulkar he scores more as an opener but when due to elbow injury he had to change his position I may also try in some serious roles but I feel I am better as a comedian.

Q. How was it working with Arshad Warsi, Diya Mirza, Rajpal Yadav, Rajat Kapoor, Zakir Hussain, Juhi Chawla, Irfan Khan?
A. They were all nice to work with, all were enjoying fully on the set and we helped each other lot during the shoot of Krazzy4.

Q. Are you doing any film with Sajid Khan?
A. I am not doing any film with him right now but I have done television shows with him. We love television and we have promised that we will not leave television.

Q . You have quite a quirky method of interviewing people, what with the famous get ups and all. How were these ideas conceived?
A. It is easy to imitate people, I have done like five thousand different characters and in India with a population in crores I still have lots to do. I take ideas from people by taking a plumber, driver etc I try to imitate them. I have a bunch of writers who knows my timing and leave everything on me.

 Q. Have all actors liked the concept such thematic interviews?
A. Yes, all have liked it very much. You know all new and good ideas are always accepted.

Q. You even dressed as Simi Garewal. How did it feel to dress like a woman?
A. I did not interviewed Simi Grewal but of one singer I forgot exactally who the singer was but I dressed like Simi Grewal. I have done lot of that things like I became a sardar for Gurdas Maan, a coach when I
Suresh Menon : Main to hoon crazy...
interviewed Abhishek Bachan for his film Run, I did that because I felt that by doing those things the interviews will become interesting and in radio I do a show called Kamla Ka Gamla. I decided to change the normal ways of interviews and try something different to make things different and interesting.

Q. Have people called you and said that why are you imitating them? Has anybody felt offended?
A. Nobody complained it is a nice industry and in a way it creates a publicity, it is a very good thing , since they have the talent so it encourages us to imitate them.

Q. Is it easy to make people laugh?
A. It is very difficult because people are having so many problems in their life and if we can make them laugh even for a moment then it is a big thing. It also helps to in improving ones mental health and remove all the stress for a while.
Q. What do you have to say about the comedy awards that are being newly introducd?
A. It is nice that people are giving importance to the hard works of the comic actors, it feels nice. But I haven't got any awards though I got nominated for few times. I hope I get one very soon.

Q. What you do when you get less than 20 per cent results?
A. I feel very bad, I come to my house and start practicing in front of the mirror. I don`t waste time and according to me an actor should not relax. I keep thinking of jokes and do my homework regularly.

Q. Do you think vulgar jokes go well?
A. As long as it dosnot hurt any one it is good. But I have seen the amount of vulgar we get to see in our SMSes no such words are being used in television. If it makes one smile or laugh for a while then I don`t think it is bad. We should take it as a pinch of salt. As long as it makes you laugh I don`t think it should be stopped.

Q. Getting slightly specific. On a 1-10 scale, how do you rate the Indian sense of humour?
A. I rate it 9 we can really create and have a good sense of humour.

Q. How did you start your career in the entertainment industry?
A. I started my career in television with a game show called Main Bhi Detective with Sajid Khan.

Q. Which was your first major break?
A. I did lots of small roles before but my major break was with the film Badhai Ho Badhai where I played a role of a sardar with Anil Kapoor.

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