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Sunaina was Sedated and Tortured Physically and Mentally reveals Rangoli

In fresh allegations against the Roshans, Rangoli Chandel has revealed that Sunaina Roshan was sedated and abused physically and mentally. Details Below...


Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel has yet again made some fresh and shocking allegations against the Hrithik Roshan, Rakesh Roshan, and Pinky Roshan. In her tweet posted a few hours ago, Rangoli has accused the Roshan family of torturing and sedating their daughter Sunaina Roshan.

She also claimed that she was in touch with Sunaina who just 'cried all the time' narrating the ordeal until she spoke to the media and since then her phone has been switched off.

"For past one month Sunaina called Kangana every single day, she spoke to me and cried all the time, since she spoke to the media her phone is off, she told me her family doesn't only hit her but sedate her as well. Feeling helpless don't know what to do," Rangoli tweeted.

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Also, recently, Sunaina's alleged boyfriend, Ruhail Amin opened up about the whole issue and in an interview, with News18 he spoke about the Roshans and how they have been unjust to Sunaina. He also shared that he was initially shocked when he got to know the reason behind the family opposing their relationship. Expressing a need stand up against “ignorant viewpoints” he was quoted saying how unfortunate and outrageous it was for someone to label a person as an extremist just because of their religion.

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"This incident has once again exposed the dark underbelly of identity politics at play in today’s liberal times which are totally uncalled for," Ruhail told News18 in an interview.

"This is unfortunate," Ruhail said, commenting about the 'love jihad' angle his love story with Sunaina has taken in the family. "Labeling someone extremist just because he/she belongs to a certain religion is simply outrageous and needs to be condemned in strongest words," he added.

Sunaina and Ruhail first met when he used to cover entertainment for Times Now. "We lost touch and reconnected through social media," he said.

Ruhail said that while he has spoken to Sunaina's parents once, they were not happy about it. "They did not approve of our friendship," he said. "I also got to know that her parents put a security ring around her post our friendship, and when she told me about it my first reaction was of disbelief and later a good laugh," he said.

In an interview earlier, Sunaina had said that she fell in love with journalist Ruhail Amin last year. However, her father Rakesh Roshan, she said, slapped her and called Ruhail a 'terrorist'.

"Calling someone a terrorist just because of his identity is unacceptable. Religions and geographies should not become the cornerstones of defining extremism; we need to move beyond that mindset. Most importantly, we need to stand up against ignorant viewpoints, whoever has them," said Ruhail.

The journalist said that he has been in touch with Sunaina. "She wants to restart her life on a positive note and wants her family to support her decisions," he said, talking about what lies in the future ahead.

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arshi_asya 3 months ago These people are just exploiting mental condition of Sunaina for their own petty benefits. They don't care for her at all but she is a vulnerable enough to become a way to target Roshans. I sympathized with Kangana after the debacle but now she along with her sister are just the narcissistic, toxic women hell bent on exploiting Roshans & everyone else who doesn't play to their whims and fancies & showing themselves as woke even though Kangana was no saint when she expected a relationship with Hrithik even when he was married. If Ruhail was so sincere, he would have not jumped in to exploit Sunaina's mental condition further by siding with the Ranauts. This is the kind of thing that has made feminism to be an abusive word in modern times.
xxMATSxx 3 months ago Why is that if someone has something to say against tge roshans its kangana and look now its kanganas sister. Why the f would hrithiks sister called kangana or her sister. Kangana literally is hell bent on ruining his life its sort of unfortunate.
-SilverAngel- 3 months ago This doesn't make any sense. Hrithik Roshan himself was married to a muslim girl, if that was okay than how would his sister wanting to be with a muslim be of any issue. There is surely more going on than meets the eye. Sunaina Roshan should've taken a legal route than inviting more problems by confiding in Kangana Ranaut who is of no help other than creating sensational controversies. 3 months ago And the best Rangoli could do was to tweet about it. Her boyfriend too just gave an interview. No one thought of taking legal help? Frankly, it looks like an exaggerated thing to be honest. It isn't the first time a hindu muslim marriage has happened in Bollywood or even in the Roshan family itself. Also, she is old enough to walk out of that house
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