SRK auditions for Indian Idol in Kolkata?

Don't jump to conclusions as it's not SRK's next after Knight Riders...Read here for more details...


Don't jump to conclusions as it's not SRK's next after Knight Riders! But a contestant by the name 'Shahnawaz Khan' aka SRK made it to the auditions for Indian Idol 4 in Kolkata!!
When one of the judges - Annu Malek told him that he reminded him of SRK, Shahnawaz took the opportunity to impress them by mimicking King Khan. But after all the drama and mimicry, when Shahnawaz started singing 'Sawariya…oh oh…Saawariya', the judges were surprised with his guts of actually coming to the auditions in the first place.

While Annu was in his elements, Sonali asked Shahnawaz to entertain her with some more mimicry. What happened next was even more hilarious! “The judges tried to convince Shahnawaz that he is a good mimic but not a good singer. He retaliated and refused to believe it! He argued with the panel and left the stage irritated,” says our source.

“The drama didn't end here; Shahnawaz stepped out and started bad mouthing the judges in front of the camera by questioning Annu Malek's music sense and Kailash's singing style!

Well, there is only one SRK mate, so better luck next time!

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi



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xkokox 12 years ago thats what annoys me about indian idol, the people who audition always make a big deal out of it.

its the same thing with american idol
maryam4f 12 years ago He does nottt look like SRK, when I read the heading of this article, I was like, WHAT???!!! Its probably not true unless hes the judge.
starry_eyes29 12 years ago ew
how dare he say sumthing bouot kailash kher..his singing is bomb ..this guy is dumb!
iiHEARTyu-x0 12 years ago ahhaha how the heck does HE look like SRK??
neha28 12 years ago LOL
like chang said..nothin stops the dhinchak singers frm comin onto the show
eshaaax3. 12 years ago wow, i luv ii, cant wqait to watch!1 thanx
wezyus 12 years ago Oh how bad lucks for that guy, he shud respect the judges instead of irritating them n step out...its his own lost
kewl005 12 years ago This content is hidden.
Jenifer. 12 years ago that's right, there's only one srk!
xmanisha 12 years ago the auditions are hilarious, can't wait!
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