Sony brings in a sweeping change..

Winds of change are sweeping India… Sony Entertainment Television will reflect these changes!Starting May 25, 8.00pm onwards with New programming lineup, new look, new feel & more…

Come May 25th, Sony Entertainment Television brings in a sweeping change to its programming line-up with an aim to capture the dreams and aspirations of this new confident India by offering an enhanced and relatable viewing experience, driven by novelty of concepts, variety in the programming lineup and distinctly high quality executions.

The new Sony Showscape has a good line up of reality shows like the popular format show 10 Ka Dum 2 (every Sat, 9.00 pm), which presented actor Salman Khan in a completely new avtaar making him the darling of the nation and member of every household. The other show that promises viewers loads of fun, in times of recession is the reality show Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega (Mon-Thurs, 10.00 pm & Fri, 9.00 pm).

Fiction on television has become the daily dose of entertainment for viewers in India. Some of the new fiction shows on Sony will focus on powerful protagonists who will overcome situations in the most despairing circumstances and come out winners.

Chittod Ki Rani Padmini Ka Johur (Mon-Thurs, 8.00 pm) - is the story of the beautiful warrior princess, known for her ethereal beauty, grit, valor, patriotism & sacrifice. History continues to hail this legendary queen, even to this day, as a powerful queen of our times. This historical is mounted on huge scale & is produced by Nitin Chandrakant Desai (the well known Art Director of Jodha Akbar & many blockbuster films). he lead star cast includes Tejaswini Lonari as Padmini, Rohit Bakshi as Ratan Singh, Mukesh Rishi as Allahuddin Khilji and a host of other actors. Rani Padmini & Ratan Singh's royal look and attire have been designed by award winning fashion diva Neeta Lulla.

Palampur Express (Mon-Thurs, 8.30 pm) - an inspirational story of Pavni, a young small town girl, who dreams of being an athlete and is ready to face all the trials and tribulations in her path to win an Olympic gold medal for India. Produced by Roshan Abbas' Encompass Ltd, the show stars Pooja Kanwal as Pavni Dikshit. Others in the cast include Ragesh B Asthanaa, Amita Udgata, Ajay Singh Chaudhary, Adaa Khan, Aksshat Gupta and Nitin.

Bhaskar Bharti (Mon-Thurs, 9.00 pm) - A man in a woman's world is generally viewed as pleasure, a blessing… while a woman in man's world is considered to be a struggle for survival & a fight for identity. Bhaskar Bharati is story of both the worlds. Interestingly it happens to the same person - Bhaskar! Produced by Deeya & Tony Singh's DJ's Creative Unit and directed by Kabir Sadanand, Bhaskar Bharti has an exciting star cast including Eijaz Khan (as Bhaskar), Aamir Ali, Vivek Mushran, Rajesh Khera, Ruksaar and Anchal Sabharwal among others.

Ladies Special (Mon-Thurs, 9.30 pm) - it is a drama series that takes a peek into Mumbai's lifeline - the trains. Set against the backdrop of Indian railways, the lifeline of India's biggest metropolis, Mumbai, the four women - Shubha Joshi (Neena Gupta), Nanda Shinde (Shilpa Tulaskar),  Pooja Singh (Payal Sarkar) & Bubbly Chaddha (Ashita Dhawan) meet in the Ladies Special train, which has become their own world, a place where they find their space, a place where they can be themselves and share some blissful moments away from home.  The show is produced by Optimystix and the star cast includes actors like Neena Gupta, Shilpa Tulaskar, Harsh Chayya, Akash Khurana, Sandip Kulkarni, Satish Sharma, Ashita Dhawan and Payal Sarkar.

Stay tuned for the new lineup of shows from May 25, 2009, an array of power packed reality and novel fiction shows which are relevant, contemporary and aspirational will weave the same magic of cutting through the clutter which Sony Entertainment Television is known for.

Reporter: Rachana Trivedi
Pictures: Supriyo Das

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Comments (25)

that''s awesome man!!!! i wud switch 2 bb 4 some time........lets see wats it.........

15 years ago

as many are wishing that sony brings jassi sequel then i would tell them start a show like jassi but this time it should deal abt bad looking boy

15 years ago

sony is like the most creative channel with their tv shows. it''s too bad their shows end really fast but I do believe they have the some of the best shows of indian tv. can''t wait. =)

15 years ago

oooohhhh cant wait.. i am waiting for bhaskar bharti, ladies special and rani padmini.,......

15 years ago

Can''t wait to see Bhaskar Bharti, the show looks promising.

15 years ago

ahh its soo good that they are showing verity of genres in T.V as well...cnt take more of the cryin drama

15 years ago

Shanti you are still in the hope for a Jassi sequel? I think if Sony brings back Jassi 2 then there should be a Kkusum 2, Kyunki 2, Kahani 2, Kasauti 2, Kaisa yeh Pyaar Hai 2, Kasam Se 2, Saath Phere 2, and many more twos. I think it is best if the GECs try to stick to fresh concepts. These reality shows are a fatigue on Indian TV and only serials seem to keep some freshness.

15 years ago

I wished they had brought a sequel of Jassi jaise Koi Nahi also it wud have been great !!!!

15 years ago

i am looking forward to all the shows.

mona singh (jassi) is also hosting the new relility show.

15 years ago

OMG sallu and eijaz look dashing as ever...can''t wait for their shows!!!

15 years ago

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